What is Digital Marketing & Its Benefits?

Have you ever thought, WHY?

  • Some websites show on top of Google Search Results without SEO?
  • Why do you keep seeing the Ads of products you just searched on an e-commerce website?
  • Facebook & Every other Social Media keeps you showing posts related to the one you liked or shared?
  • Why do you keep getting emails about the discounts on products which you just added in your cart and left?

If you have given it a thought and wondered WHY then welcome to the world of DIGITAL MARKETING?

Let’s start with Basic.

What is Digital Marketing?

In general, Digital Marketing is referred to as promoting a brand, business, or products via the digital medium, making use of the internet. It covers all the areas of internet marketing such as Search Engine, Social Media, Email, or any other digital channel. 

Digital Marketing is becoming the hottest trend of the industry because it helps to grow businesses without running into the market. Also, one doesn’t need to have a professional degree to become a Digital Marketer. All you need is critical thinking and analytical skill. 

What is Digital Marketing & Its Benefits?

One crucial reason Digital Marketing is reaching new heights every day is that people have made the internet as part of their daily life. Another reason for the rise of Digital Marketing is that it helps business owners to reach the right person to promote their product. 

The more people spend time on the internet, the better it is for the Digital Marketing business. And the trend does not seem to be going to be stopped any sooner with the rise of multiple social media and addictive nature of the internet. 

What are the different Channels of Digital Marketing?

Now, you must be curious about how can you do Digital Marketing? What are the different Channels or Platforms to do Digital Marketing?

Well, there are multiple channels of Digital Marketing, and it can be done in various ways. Here, I have explained some of the most common methods of doing Digital Marketing. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid Search is the easiest, most efficient, and fastest way to promote your brand via Search Engines. Almost every Search Engine provides the option to advertisers to promote their brand over specific keywords in their search engine.

The most popular method of SEM is Google Ads, which is known as PPC (Pay Per Click), where the advertisers pay to Google for the number of clicks the users make on the Ad. While running a PPC Campaign, your website, brand or business will be shown in the top of the search results on the keywords 

It is the most common method to drive traffic to a website to increase brand awareness or sell products using the PPC method. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As explained in my earlier posts, Search Engine Optimization is the most profitable and sustainable way to promote a business digitally. It is the method of optimizing a website or content to make the website or business visible in search engines and drive traffic from there. 

You can perform the SEO of a website in 2 ways:

  • On-Page SEO – Content Optimization

  • Off-Page SEO – Optimization out of the website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is the method to promote your business, brand, services, or products using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. 

What is Digital Marketing & Its Benefits?

People make use of Social Media Marketing to promote their product, increase their brand awareness and visibility, generate leads, sell products, and even get traffic to their website. 

Content Marketing

You must have heard or read, “Content is King or Key to Success” by most of the Digital Marketing & SEO Gurus. At first, let’s understand what Content Marketing is?

Content Marketing is the method of Digital Marketing where you promote a brand, business, or product by writing a specific content like a blog post, web article, etc. It helps users to understand the business and increases brand value, and even increases sales. 

A well-optimized and detailed content will always be helpful for your brand as:

  • It helps to generate traffic on your website as well as Social Media
  •  Perform On-Page SEO
  • Engage visitors and generate leads for the business
  • Creates Brand awareness

Email Marketing

Most people think that Email Marketing is dead as of today. However, to clear up your thought if you have heard the same, I would like to tell you the fact that Email Marketing is one of the most efficient methods of Digital Marketing. 

Even today, around 80% of people open their email, and it is one of the most cost-effective marketing campaigns. Don’t trust me? Well, think how many times a day do you check your email?

I think you just got your answer!

Most of the time, Email campaigns are used to promote offers & events. It is also one of the best methods to bring traffic to your website. 

[blockquote align=”none” ]Pro Tip: A proper mixture of every channel mentioned above will always help you increase your brand value and guarantee your business success if you carry them in a correct way.  [/blockquote]

Why Should you Opt-in For Digital Marketing?

By far, we talked about What is Digital Marketing and different channels for doing Digital Marketing. But why would you go for Digital Marketing if it is no better than the traditional methods?

So, now let me tell you why you should choose Digital Marketing for your business, brand, or product than traditional marketing. Here are a few reasons. 


Digital Marketing is cost-effective while compared to the traditional method of marketing. It helps you promote your brand via different channels within the budget and reach a higher audience than the conventional way. 

What is Digital Marketing & Its Benefits?

Define Targeting

The best part of Digital Marketing is that you can define your target audience and show your brand, product, or business to the people who are related to your niche. While creating ads, you can have a custom audience. 

With this, you can reach a vast number of audiences locally as well as target internationally without making holes in your pocket. Digital Marketing gives you the option to target your audience based on age, gender, location, interests, and even their previous interaction with similar ads. 

Real-Time Results

One of the most significant advantages of Digital Marketing is that you get real-time results with it than waiting for months compared to the traditional method of marketing. Digital Marketing has multiple parameters that allow you to measure and analyze real-time effects such as the number of people engaged, no. of people seen your campaign, bounce rate, location of your visitors, conversion rate, etc. 

Better Connectivity with your Customers

Yes, this is the best benefit of Digital Marketing. You get better engagement and the option to communicate with your customers, which helps you retain them and have a business for a long tenure.

You can solve your customer issue and improve your brand image as well as public relation. 

Easy Analytics & Data Mining

With the help of multiple Analytics Tools, it makes life easier to understand how your campaign is performing and what measures you need to take. There are tools like Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and many more to help you analyze your audience and customers engagement with your campaign. 

Also, if you are thinking to learn Digital Marketing or SEO, these guides can help you:

Well, this was a short explanation of What is Digital Marketing and its benefits. If you liked this article and have any questions regarding SEO & Digital Marketing, please let me know in the comments section below. 

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