Crio Bru Cacao Shark Tank Update | Crio Bru Cacao Net Worth

Crio Bru Cacao, featured on Season 5 of Shark Tank, is a healthy beverage brewed much like coffee but is instead made from 100% roasted and ground cacao beans.

The product is named after Criollo, a variety of cacao beans renowned for their fine flavor. It presents a unique alternative to traditional coffee, offering a similar depth and richness of flavor but with a chocolaty twist.

Crio Bru Cacao is nutrient-rich, which is one of its key features. Unlike traditional hot chocolate, it is made from whole cacao beans, thus retaining the beans’ natural wealth of antioxidants, minerals, and other beneficial compounds.

Cacao is a powerful source of antioxidants, containing even more than blueberries and acai berries. It’s also rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, and other essential minerals. 

Crio Bru Cacao is also naturally low in calories, caffeine, and acidity, making it a healthier choice for people trying to reduce their coffee consumption or maintain a specific dietary lifestyle.

Despite the low caffeine content, it has theobromine, a natural stimulant that provides a gentle, long-lasting energy boost without the crash or jitters associated with caffeine.

Moreover, Crio Bru Cacao is environmentally friendly. The cacao beans are ethically sourced, supporting sustainable farming practices and ensuring fair trade.

Crio Bru Cacao is a versatile, healthy, and delicious beverage choice. It combines the familiarity of coffee brewing with cacao’s unique, rich flavor, offering a nutritious alternative to regular coffee or hot chocolate.

Its features – high nutritional content, low acidity, and sustainable sourcing – make it an appealing choice for health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.

Company NameCrio Bru Cacao
EntrepreneurEric Durtschi
Product / BusinessAn organic alternative to coffee brewed with cacao
Investment Asking For$1000,000 for a 10% equity in Crio Bru Cacao
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Crio Bru Cacao Episode Season 5, Episode 27
Crio Bru Cacao Business StatusIn Business
Crio Bru Cacao WebsiteVisit Website
Crio Bru Cacao’s Net Worth$15 Million

What Is Crio Bru Cacao?

Crio Bru Cacao is a unique beverage serving as a perfect coffee alternative. It is a brewed drink made from 100% cacao beans, also known as cocoa beans. The cacao bean is roasted, ground, and brewed, much like coffee, but the end product is a rich, chocolatey drink that contains many of the health benefits associated with dark chocolate.

Crio Bru Cacao is named after the Criollo bean, considered one of the highest-quality cacao beans in the world. It’s brimming with nutrients, antioxidants, and natural energy boosters without sugar, gluten, dairy, or calories.

The drink also stimulates the brain to release natural feel-good chemicals, making it a popular choice for those looking for a healthy pick-me-up.

Crio Bru Cacao Shark Tank Update | Crio Bru Cacao Net Worth

Crio Bru Cacao’s nutritional profile is one of its key characteristics. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iron, and zinc, making it a highly nutritious beverage.

Additionally, the drink contains theobromine, a natural stimulant found in cacao that is gentler than caffeine and can provide a sustained energy boost without the jittery side effects often associated with coffee.

Crio Bru Cacao also boasts a high antioxidant content, specifically flavonoids. These powerful compounds have been linked to various health benefits, such as improved heart health, lower blood pressure, and reduced inflammation.

Crio Bru Cacao is versatile. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, and its robust, chocolatey flavor makes it a fantastic addition to various recipes. You can customize your drink with sweeteners or creamers of your choice or enjoy it pure to savor the complex flavors of the cacao truly.

Crio Bru is also committed to ethical sourcing, which may appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. They ensure their cacao is grown and harvested sustainably, supporting local farmers, which means you can enjoy your drink knowing it’s good for you and the planet.

You will need a French press or a coffee maker to brew Crio Bru Cacao at home. The ground cacao is steeped in hot water, much like coffee grounds, resulting in a rich, full-bodied drink bursting with flavor.

Crio Bru Cacao is an intriguing beverage that offers a unique spin on traditional hot drinks and is certainly worth a try for any chocolate or coffee lover.

Who Is The Founder Of Crio Bru Cacao?

The founder of Crio Bru Cacao is Dr. Eric Durtschi. A visionary and an adventurer, Dr. Durtschi holds a Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Sciences, which gave him a deep understanding of plant properties and their benefits.

He had a strong interest in the culinary world, and that interest, combined with his scientific knowledge, led to the creation of Crio Bru.

Dr. Durtschi discovered the potential of cacao during his travels in Venezuela. There, he learned about an ancient drink made from crushed cacao beans that was once enjoyed by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

Intrigued by the rich flavor and the potential health benefits of the cacao bean, he decided to reinvent this ancient beverage for the modern world. The idea of creating Crio Bru Cacao was conceived to offer a healthier, tastier alternative to coffee.

Dr. Durtschi saw the opportunity in the beverage market for a product that combined the brewing method of coffee with the unique, delicious flavor and health benefits of cacao.

After considerable experimentation and refining of the process, Crio Bru Cacao was born.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Crio Bru Cacao had already begun to make a name for itself in the beverage market. The product was well-received by consumers looking for a healthy, flavorful alternative to their daily coffee or hot chocolate.

Despite the initial success, Dr. Durtschi saw the Shark Tank appearance as a way to reach a larger audience and gain additional funding to expand the company’s operations.

His innovative product and passionate presentation caught the Sharks’ and viewers’ attention, contributing to Crio Bru Cacao’s continued growth.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Crio Bru Cacao?

Jon and Eric, the founders of Crio Bru Cacao, entered the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $1 million for a 10% stake in their company, thus valuing it at $10 million.

Their pitch revolved around the potential of their unique beverage, a hybrid of coffee and chocolate brewed from cocoa beans, to capture a slice of the vast coffee market.

They emphasized the product’s health benefits, including low-calorie content and a gentle energy boost distinct from the one provided by coffee.

However, the Sharks were divided in their reactions. Most were not fans of the taste, with Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John voicing their dislike.

Mark, Robert, and Daymond opted out of investing, largely due to their aversion to the taste.

On the other hand, Kevin O’Leary focused on the company’s valuation, questioning why the founders thought it was worth $10 million.

Despite the founders sharing their sales numbers ($1.5 million) and their projected expansion into over a thousand stores, Kevin remained unconvinced about the valuation and dropped out.

Barbara Corcoran was the only Shark who expressed appreciation for the taste, speculating that the others were disappointed because they expected it to taste more like coffee. However, even she opted out, citing the company’s high valuation as the deal-breaker.

Despite their high hopes, Jon and Eric left the Tank without securing a deal. However, they remained optimistic, stating they believed their company would sell at least $10 million. 

After their Shark Tank appearance, Crio Bru Cacao experienced significant success, gaining new customers and positive reviews and updating their packaging.

They proved resilient despite the Sharks’ criticisms, demonstrating that even without an investment from the Sharks, companies can still achieve success with a strong product and a committed team.

What Happened To Crio Bru Cacao After Shark Tank?

Despite leaving the Shark Tank without a deal, Crio Bru Cacao, the unique cocoa bean beverage business, experienced significant growth after its appearance on the show.

Founders Jon Fotheringham and Eric Durtschi had to navigate their business through the harsh criticism they received on the show, particularly concerning their product’s taste and high valuation. 

However, they remained undeterred and focused on their product and business. Their perseverance paid off, and in the subsequent years, Crio Bru Cacao saw a notable surge in its sales and revenue.

The company reportedly generates an estimated $3 to $4 million in annual revenue, a considerable increase from the $1.5 million sales they reported during their Shark Tank appearance.

Their product offerings also expanded, with different versions of their drink mix available for home consumers and cafe establishments, including straight, creamy, hot, and iced versions.

Crio Bru Cacao also successfully increased its distribution channels. Their products can be purchased directly from their website and are available on major online retail platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Vitacost.

Despite the initial setback in Shark Tank, Crio Bru Cacao showed resilience and adaptability, leveraging the visibility from the show to boost their business.

Their story is a testament to the fact that even without securing a deal from the Sharks, a company can still thrive with a strong product, a sound business strategy, and a dedicated team.

Crio Bru Cacao Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, despite the lack of investment from the Sharks, Crio Bru Cacao experienced a significant boost in their business due to the so-called “Shark Tank effect.”

The exposure from the show helped them gain new customers and increase their sales. They continued to receive positive reviews for their product online, especially on platforms like Amazon.

Many customers appreciated the drink’s unique taste and enjoyed it as an alternative to traditional coffee and hot chocolate. Despite some of the Sharks’ negative reactions to the taste, most consumers liked it.

Crio Bru Cacao Shark Tank Update | Crio Bru Cacao Net Worth

Crio Bru Cacao also improved its branding and packaging after its appearance on the show. They updated the names of some of their product skews and redesigned their packaging, which was well-received by customers.

Furthermore, they kept their active presence on social media platforms, which helped them maintain engagement with their customer base and attract new consumers.

For instance, they have over 100,000 likes on their Facebook page, regularly posting updates and engaging with followers.

Regarding distribution, Crio Bru Cacao expanded its reach by making its products available through its website and e-commerce platforms like Amazon. This expanded accessibility likely contributed to their post-Shark Tank success.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Crio Bru Cacao used the opportunity to gain significant exposure, attract new customers, and grow its business. They listened to feedback, made necessary improvements, and continued to thrive in the market.

Is Crio Bru Cacao Still In Business?

Our research shows that Crio Bru is still in business. After their appearance on Shark Tank in 2014, the company has continued to grow and expand its reach. Despite not securing an investment deal from the Sharks, they leveraged the publicity from the show and saw a significant increase in their sales.

In an interview with ABC Utah 4, co-founder Eric Durtschi mentioned that the company received a month’s worth of orders within one hour of their appearance on Shark Tank. This phenomenon is often referred to as the “Shark Tank bump.”

Crio Bru’s products are on their website, Amazon, and in select grocery stores, including Whole Foods. The company also prides itself on using organic, non-GMO beans sourced from Fair Trade Certified farmers.

Crio Bru was recognized by The Daily Beast as one of the “Best Coffee Alternatives” in 2020, further highlighting its ongoing success and popularity. Therefore, it’s fair to say that Crio Bru is still in business and continuing to make strides in the beverage industry.

What Is the Net Worth Of Crio Bru Cacao?

According to our research, the net worth of Crio Bru Cacao is estimated to be over $15 million. The valuation of Crio Bru Cacao was $10 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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