Clean Sleep Shark Tank Update

Clean Sleep Shark Tank Update

What Is Clean Sleep?

Clean Sleep is a truck mattress that is equipped with a 16-foot truck that detects dust mites, dead skin, and bed bugs.”

Clean Sleep innovative five-step cleaning process enables anyone to clean and sterilize mattresses of all types and sizes successfully – whether you are an individual, a family, or even your hospital or local hotel.

You can now get your mattress cleaned and sanitized at home for less than the first three months’ payment on a new one.

With the Clean Sleep system, your mattress enjoys five revitalization steps, including ultraviolet light treatments, dry steam treatments, vacuuming, ozone creation, and infrared heat treatments.

This technique eliminates bacteria, kills bed bugs and dust mites, eliminates pet dander, and restores the original state of your bed.

Clean Sleep Shark Tank Update

The company makes house calls, bringing all its equipment directly to your front yard (or driveway). Clean Sleep technicians will do the rest after removing your bedding.

An infrared heater, vacuum, dry steam, UV light, and nanotechnology are combined to sterilize a mattress in 15 minutes.

Once the process is complete, you can nap in the afternoon. Cleaning a mattress with Clean Sleep’s five-step procedure takes only 15 minutes, so you can watch a movie while your mattress is being made.

You can get a clean, dry, and ready-to-use mattress within minutes by combining heat, steam, and light.

Clean Sleep serves both residential and commercial clientele. They make hospitals’ operating rooms and patient rooms clean and sanitary. They provide services to hotels and motels.

Clean Sleep is here to save you from bed bugs no matter where they are hiding.

You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your mattress is bug-free and your pocketbook is still full.

Company NameClean Sleep
EntrepreneurMichael Ingle
ProductMattress Sanitization and Cleaning Services Onsite
Investment Asking For$1.5 Million For 15% equity in Clean Sleep
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 7 Episode 18
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Clean Sleep?

Michael Ingle is the founder of Clean Sleep. A Clean Sleep Machine can remove bedbugs, mold, and other contaminants from your mattress 99% of the time. The machines come with ultraviolet lamps, a vacuum, and dry steam.

Michael suggests that homeowners clean mattresses every six months, and hotel businesses should do it more often. It will save hotels money by avoiding having to replace mattresses.

The standard service fee for Clean Sleep Machine is $89.95. They also offer up-selling services. They have made $100,000 in the last 18 months with their first truck. The proceeds from the sale of the franchise were used to fund the company’s cash flow operations.

It is estimated that the prospective franchisee will earn $75,000 in the first year and break even in the second year. There is nothing comparable on the market.

They are in discussions with hotels and hospitals to lease equipment in exchange for royalties generated by the Clean Sleep Machine.

His gimmick, the Clean Sweep Machine, is awaiting patent approval.

Clean Sleep Before Shark Tank

Michael Ingle invented Clean Sleep, a self-made entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. Clean Sleep is a franchise that cleans mattresses on the spot.

He has invented a portable cleaning appliance that functions similarly to a dry cleaner for beds. The entire process occurs inside Michael’s custom-built truck.

A Clean Sleep professional will clean the mattress utilizing UV lighting, steam, vacuums, infrared heat, and ozone.

It takes approximately fifteen minutes for the mattress to dry after being cleaned and ready to be placed on the bed.

While Michael knows he faces competition, he believes that his short turnaround time sets him apart from his competitors.

Some businesses provide this service by delaying the return of the mattress by up to eight hours or more.

Michael began focusing his efforts on attracting hotels interested in using his mobile mattress washing business. Ultimately, he hopes to have Clean Sleep available throughout the country.

He requires assistance to realize his dream. Clean Sweep’s founder entered Shark Tank, hoping that one of the sharks would provide additional revenue, business skills, and relationships needed to get the startup off the ground.

Will Michael clean up after himself in the shark tank, and will one of the sharks bite?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Clean Sleep?

The founder of Clean Sleep, Michael Ingle, appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $1.5 million in exchange for 15% of Clean Sleep.

Michael Ingle was unable to convince any Sharks to invest in Clean Sleep. Michael exits the Shark Tank stage without securing any deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Clean Sleep and Sharks.

What Happened To Clean Sleep After Shark Tank?

Michael has not given up on his goal of spreading Clean Sleep throughout the United States, even after not landing a contract on Shark Tank.

Since the show aired, Clean Sleep has garnered widespread attention, with many viewers startled at how filthy a mattress can be.

NoPhone After Shark Tank Update

Michael’s product and company were overwhelmingly praised on social media before and after the shark tank episode.

Clean Sleep Shark Tank Update

Michael is expanding the businesses around his native state of Texas before expanding to the entire United States. He is now negotiating lease arrangements with several large hotel companies and hospitals.

Michael is a determined individual who will make Clean Sleep a success through hard work and determination.

CoolWraps After Shark Tank Update

Clean Sleep Shark Tank Update

Clean Sleep’s popularity grew beyond the expectations of the Sharks even though it didn’t get any investment from the Sharks.

Michael currently operates Clean Sleep from four locations in Texas and one in Canada. Michael is looking for new locations to put franchisees in to run his business.

Michael redesigned the Clean Sleep website to clarify his offering for visitors. Clean Sleep did not receive any investment from the Sharks, but it has established itself in the hotel industry.

Clean Sleep may not be a pioneer in its sector, but it has grown beyond Shark’s expectations.

As of 2023, the Clean Sleep business is still in business, generating $2.7 million in annual revenue.

Is Clean Sleep Still In Business?

Yes, Clean Sleep is still in business, with annual revenue of $2.7 million per year as of 2023. The Clean Sleep Machine is transported by Ingle and his employees to private residences, hospitals, hotels, and student and military housing, among other places.

A single mattress treatment costs $120, and a box spring cleaning costs an additional $60. Commercial pricing applies to buildings with five or more needing service beds. Ingle is interested in franchising the business.

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What Is the Net Worth Of Clean Sleep?

The valuation of Clean Sleep was $10 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Clean Sleep is $2.7 million as of 2023.

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