What Happened To CitiKitty After Shark Tank?

The founder of CitiKitty, Rebecca Rescate, created the perfect solution for cat lovers who hate litter boxes.

The five-week training method and accompanying inserts make it easy for owners to teach their cats to use any toilet.

Samantha, Rescate’s cat, portrayed Robert DiNiro’s “Jinxy” in Little Fockers.

Before CitiKitty made its appearance on Shark Tank, Jinxy utilized the toilet in the film, leading to massive publicity for the product.

CitiKitty is a cat “training program” comprised of a series of detachable rings that fit into the toilet bowl.

The rings gradually expand the toilet’s opening, making it more comfortable for the cat to use than a litter box.

A cat also enjoys the fact that toilets smell better than litter boxes. The cat eventually learns to use the toilet: NO MORE LITTER BOXES!

CitiKitty has a large market in the United States alone, where over 100 million cats live.

What Is CitiKitty?

CitiKitty simplifies cat bathroom training. It involves using a specially designed training seat that can fit almost any toilet. There are four rings filled with kitty litter inside the training seat.

After one week, the first ring is removed, leaving a small opening in the litter pan. You remove one ring each week after that, increasing the diameter of the hole leading to the toilet below.

CitiKitty Shark Tank Update

The training device will no longer be required once you have removed all four rings from your cat’s toilet training device.

It may be difficult to herd cats, but training them to go potty is a breeze. The concept of Citikitty is to help urban cat owners find a new way to teach their cat companions how to use the bathroom.

Citikitty’s clever idea eliminates the need for smelly and ugly litter boxes.

Company NameCitiKitty
EntrepreneurRebecca Rescate
ProductToilet Training Kit for Cats
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 15% equity in Shark Tank
Final Deal$100,000 For 20% equity in Shark Tank
SharkKevin Harrington
Episode Season 2 Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of CitiKitty?

The founder of Citikitty, Rebecca Rescate, is an entrepreneur from Bristol, Pennsylvania, who founded or co-founded six companies.

The CitiKitty indoor cat toilet training method eliminates the requirement for litter boxes.

She recognized her interest in consumer goods from a young age. Although she graduated from a graphic design program and worked in marketing for a software company, she decided the graphic design was not for her.

It comes with a set of rings that fit over the top of a toilet bowl. When the cat is completely trained, the rings are removed. In May 2011, Rescate proposed her business on Shark Tank.

CitiKitty Before Shark Tank

As every cat owner knows, cleaning and maintaining a cat’s litter box is frequently unpleasant, dirty, and occasionally costly.

The litter gets everywhere when the cat jumps in and out of the box, necessitating a vacuuming session every day.

There are also instances when even the most highly rated litter products cannot mask that nasty litter box odor.

This is, however, a cost that every cat owner must bear. Rebecca Rescate came up with a solution to this problem.

She knew the litter box struggle very well, having owned cats for over a decade. This led her to develop a toilet training program available worldwide.

CitiKitty recommends that you should be able to transition your cat to use the toilet rather than the litter box within five weeks since she devised a set of rings that fit over the toilet bowl.

These rings are intended to assist your cat in adapting to the novel sensation of perching on the toilet bowl and eventually eliminate the need for them.

She says cats prefer using the toilet over the litter box, so it is not only beneficial for cat owners.

The brand City Kitty (a pun on City Kitten) gained immense popularity after Rebecca’s cat, Samantha, made an appearance in Little Fockers as “Jinxy,” Robert DiNiro’s favorite cat.

Everyone gets into a frenzy when Jinxy is caught using the toilet bowl. CitiKitty received significant publicity due to this appearance, which helped establish them as a brand.

Rebecca recognizes that, even though the film increased awareness of her firm, she would want the assistance of an expert to tap into the enormous pet market.

The United States alone has over 100 million cats, which Rebecca wishes to capitalize on, not only for the sake of making millions but also to make life a little easier for cat owners worldwide.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of CitiKitty?

Rebecca sought $100,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the CitiKitty firm when she appeared on Shark Tank. CitiKitty was not a start-up; it had impressive sales figures.

Rebecca sold almost 40,000 units in the lead-up to her air date, generating $1.4 million.

She conducted her entire business through her website, and virtually no marketing or advertising was necessary.

Robert thinks it’s an interesting concept but is uninterested; he’s out. Mr. Wonderful is also not a cat person.

Daymond hesitates but eventually goes out as well.

Kevin Harrington would like to purchase 40% of CitiKitty for $100k; he has offered $100k for it.

CitiKitty is also a fan of Barbara’s; she offers $100k for 15% of the company as long as her television partner approves the deal.

Rebecca recognizes Harrington’s television influence and offers $100K as a 20% ownership stake counteroffer. He increases it to 25%.

Barbara then terminates her deal’s contingency arrangement.

Rebecca accepts Harrington’s offer of $100K for a 20% stake, and they have a deal.

Final Deal: Kevin Harrington agreed to invest $100,000 for a 20% stake in CitiKitty.

What Happened To CitiKitty After Shark Tank?

A contract was struck between CitiKitty and Kevin Harrington after appearing on the show and signing with Harrington.

Harrington and Rebecca worked tirelessly together to sell millions of CitiKitty pieces, making this one of the most successful products ever featured on the show.

The cat toilet training set was Amazon’s #1 product in the Home & Garden Department.

After CitiKitty began to expand its product line, it was able to offer a very modest selection of cat treats and even a line of flushable litter to help your cat with its toilet training.

All CitiKitty goods can be found on the official product website, http://www.citikitty.com/.

This brilliant creation has certainly made Rebecca Rescate one of the most successful artists in the world.

She pitched her latest business idea twice on Shark Tank that year, becoming the only entrepreneur to do so.

She has generally done well in the business world and made a name for herself, making her presence on Shark Tank a delightful success story.

CitiKitty Shark Tank Update

The popularity of CityKitty grew even more after her appearance in episode 208. CityKitty has almost become a household name thanks to Rebecca’s millions in revenue.

CitiKitty Shark Tank Update

Rebecca appeared in a piece for season 3, episode 307. Rebecca Rescate is the first Shark Tank entrepreneur to return to the show with a NEW PRODUCT in season 4. She is undeniably a Shark Tank success story!

Is CitiKitty Still In Business?

CitiKitty is still in business seven years later its appearance on Shark Tank. Rescate has also developed three other products, including the Hoodie Pillow, which she pitched on Shark Tank in February 2013.

Robert Herjavec offered $90,000 for a 20% stake in the show, but the deal never closed.” The third product Rescate developed, Blankie Tails, was hugely successful, and the company was sold in 2017.

Luvsy, a collection of princess dress blankets, and Top Down Planner, a $50 goal-setting calendar, are her two recent creations. New episodes of Shark Tank air every Sunday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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