Captain Ice Cream Shark Tank Update

What Is Captain Ice Cream?

Captain Ice Cream is a novelty ice cream truck that travels all over the states serving ice cream in different unique flavors. Captain Ice Cream has redefined the ice cream moped with his stunning ice cream mopeds in terms of mobility novelty.

Captain Ice Cream Shark Tank Update

Captain Ice Cream’s mission is to provide franchisees with a low-cost solution that serves their specific needs and allows them to travel wherever their business is and return with as much money.

Company NameCaptain Ice Cream
EntrepreneurTim Gavern
Product / BusinessMobile Ice Cream Shop
Investment Asking For$48,000 for 25% equity in Captain Ice Cream
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 1 Episode 13
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Captain Ice Cream?

Captain Ice Cream is a successful ice cream manufacturing company founded by successful entrepreneur Tim Gavern. The grandmother and mother of the founder are successful ice cream entrepreneurs who ran their ice cream shops in their hometowns.

While Tim was continually involved in the ice cream manufacturing industry, he was sporadic. His father and grandfather were book publishers before he followed in their footsteps.

After his line of work began to deteriorate, Tim urgently needed to find a new source of income to sustain himself and his family. He was inspired then, and he realized it would be best to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.

Ice cream was almost in his veins when he was a child, so he always wanted to own a mobile ice cream parlor. Captain Ice Cream was founded after deciding on a name and buying a vehicle and a scooter.

Captain Ice Cream Before Shark Tank

Tim Gavern made his fortune in the ice cream industry as a self-made entrepreneur. He inherited his grandmother’s and mother’s ice cream parlors from them, both successful ice cream entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, Tim wasn’t always interested in running an ice cream company. He worked in the publishing industry before following in his family’s footsteps.

The field in which Tim was employed went downhill, and he had a desperate need for another source of income to maintain his family and himself. He was inspired at that moment and decided to follow in his forefathers’ and foremother’s footsteps.

He grew up eating ice cream almost daily, so he started his own traveling ice cream shop. After deciding on the name, he bought a scooter and a van to launch his business as Captain Ice Cream.

He understands that even if it has succeeded so far, he will need some external assistance to help him get the company off the ground.

So Tim decided to go on The Shark Tank to sell his product. He hoped to make an impression on at least one Shark and thus raise enough money to expand his company and franchise it.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Captain Ice Cream?

Tim appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $48,000 in exchange for a 25 percent ownership in Captain Ice Cream.

Final Deal: No deal between Captain Ice Cream and Sharks.

What Happened To Captain Ice Cream After Shark Tank?

Captain Ice Cream, featured on Shark Tank, did not completely collapse as many expected. Anyone interested in becoming a Captain Ice Cream franchisee can order franchising kits on the internet.

A bespoke moped in the first kit, a new uniform, 500 business cards, an umbrella, and a royalty charge of $2495.

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The entire cost of purchasing this item was $12,495. In addition to this deal, another available kit featured an ice cream truck; however, it was priced at approximately $44,495.

These franchise opportunities were first made available to potential franchisees through Captain Ice Cream’s website in 2014.

Consequently, the Captain Ice Cream website has been deactivated since June 2014, meaning it no longer provides additional information about the organization. It’s only logical to believe it finally met its demise and fell to the ground.

Captain Ice Cream Shark Tank Update

Tim had such a strong conviction in the potential of his Captain Ice Cream business that he continued operating it even after being rejected for investment by the sharks.

At one point, Captain Ice Cream’s website listed franchise opportunities with prices ranging from $12,495 for a moped to $44,495 for a van selling ice cream. 

Captain Ice Cream Shark Tank Update

Is Captain Ice Cream Still In Business?

Captain Ice Cream was generally not well received by the Sharks, who stated that it was too similar to all other mobile ice cream firms.

The other Sharks were concerned that Captain Ice Cream had appeared on the show too soon, given the lack of franchise opportunities. And it appears that they were correct in their assumptions.

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Captain Ice Cream has gone out of business as of today, according to the most recent update from 2022. Captain Ice Cream’s website is no longer online, and the company can no longer be accessed on social networking platforms.

What Is the Net Worth of Captain Ice Cream?

The net worth of Captain Ice Cream was $192,000 when it appeared o Shark Tank. The valuation of Net Worth is unknown as of 2022 as the company is out of business.