What Happened TO BrandYourself After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank episode 628 features Patrick Ambron pitching the Sharks, his online reputation management company known as BrandYourself.

BrandYourself was founded in 2010 by Ambron and Pete Kistler, who struggled to find work due to employers mistaking Mr. Kistler for undesirables who shared his name when they “googled” him.

The guys were looking for a way to manage what shows up when you Google your name and discovered insanely expensive options costing up to $25,000.

It was designed to simplify and demystify managing what appears in Google searches, thereby putting control back in the user’s hands.

BrandYourself was the first do-it-yourself search engine results management service.

You simply need to submit the websites/profiles you want people to find when they Google you and follow the steps to make them more visible on Google.

You will receive notifications when your search results change, as well as information about who visits your BrandYourself profile.

The men received national recognition for their ORM expertise; they won the SXSW Startup Award, made the White House Impact 100 list, and included Inc Magazine’s 35 Under 35 Coolest Entrepreneurs list. 

BrandYourself has already won numerous prizes and received numerous media mentions, and they hope that a Shark Tank investment will help them grow further. 

Do you think the Sharks will get branded and invest?

What Is BrandYourself?

BrandYourself is an online reputation management organization located in the United States of America. 

The company offers tools and services that help businesses and individuals outrank negative search results with new content and websites.

This service is based on a freemium model, which means that you can use some of the tools and services for free; however, you need to pay a subscription and professional services fees for premium access.

“BrandYourself” was founded in 2010 to assist businesses and individuals in managing their online personal information and reputation.

The services and technologies of BrandYourself have helped brands and people outrank unfavorable search results.

Millions of people’s internet privacy and reputation have been improved through these programs.

BrandYourself’s basic features are available for free; however, you will need to pay a subscription fee for advanced features and services. 

Company NameBrandYourself
FounderPatrick Ambron
BusinessOnline Personal Reputation Management Service 
Investment Seeking$2 Million For 13.5% equity in BrandYourself
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Episode 23 Season 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of BrandYourself?

Pete Kistler, Patrick Ambron, and Evan McGowan-Watson founded BrandYourself while being Syracuse University students.

BrandYourself was founded by Patrick Ambron and two other former Syracuse University students: Pete Kistler and Evan McGowan.

They founded BrandYourself soon after they graduated from university. Pete has a degree in information technology and managerial studies.

On the other hand, Evan focused his studies on entrepreneurship and developing businesses.

Pete earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s degree in psychology.

Patrick is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer, with Evan serving as Chief Operating Officer and Peter Kistler serving as Head of Product Strategy and Design.

BrandYourself Before Shark Tank

Kistler’s business began as a result of his post-college situation.

Having a name similar to a well-known drug trafficker in 2008, he could not find a computer programming job.

The situation attracted both mainstream media and social media attention.

There is no proof that a drug dealer with the same name existed, making the narrative fiction.

He was still receiving no job offers. As a result, he formed the company in 2010 with the help of his college friends.

They were able to raise $300,000 in seed finance shortly after that.

They also raised $1.2 million in venture capital funding in 2012 and $3.3 million in series A fundraising in 2014.

Pete, Patrick, and Evan started BrandYourself in March 2012. As an “online reputation management” tool or ORM, BrandYourself enables organizations and individuals to use good material to drive negative search results down.

Doorman Shark Tank Update

Patrick Ambron appeared on Shark Tank in 2015, seeking $2 million for a 13% interest in BrandYourself.

Although the concept was not novel, it did introduce a new client to the online reputation industry.

Individuals who are not technologically skilled and cannot afford a professional agency now have a solution.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of BrandYourself?

Patrick pitches BrandYourself to the Sharks seeking $2 million in exchange for 13.5 percent of his firm. He discusses his background and makes a case for his business.

He cites “Bob,” an Ivy Leaguer, as an example. Patrick can bury or remove “Bob’s” embarrassing images from search engines.

He speaks while the Sharks are still arguing over the $15 million valuations.

BrandYourself earned $2.2 million in his first two years in business. He anticipates $2 million in revenue this year (2014).

Mark is concerned about social media channels. Even though search engines do not make index postings, it is still possible to access embarrassing information within social media profiles.

Kevin has used similar services and is curious if this business is competitively priced. 

BrandYourself Shark Tank Update

Patrick asserts that he will be a market leader in service quality.

Kevin was not pleased with the response; he was out. Daymond is unfamiliar with the area; he has exited.

Lori has seen advertisements for a competing firm and realizes it will take a significant amount of advertising cash to spread the word; she is leaving.

Drip Drop Shark Tank Update

Mark believes he is overvaluing the company and has resigned. Robert refers to Patrick’s value as “crazy” and offers $2 million in exchange for a was25% stake in BrandYourself.

When Patrick requests to speak with one of his partners, Robert informs him that he will remain at 25%. Patrick turns down the offer.

Final Deal: No Deal between BrandYourself and Sharks.

What Happened To BrandYourself After Shark Tank?

Ambron’s appearance on Shark Tank resulted in $1 million in sales after they exited the pitch without losing their business.

The company raised an additional $2 million as part of its Series A round. 

New Atlantic Ventures led the financing, with FF Angels and Barney Pell joining.

The company was profitable at the time of the extended Series A and intended to use the funds to expand the BrandYourself product line.

Freshly Picked Shark Tank Update

BrandYourself has grown to over 70 employees as of November 2021 and generates a revenue of over $7 million a year.

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