Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Update

Elijah Crane, a former Navy Seal who now operates Bottle Breacher, is featured on a military Shark Tank special. He is showcasing his unique gifts for men. 

He made a bottle opener from a bullet of 50 calibers is among his best-known products. However, it is not live ammunition.

Crane began selling the Bottle Breacher on Etsy in 2012. 

These products are made by people on active duty, reservists, or served in the past.

Each Bottle Breacher is powder-coated, not spray-painted. The brass is hand-polished, and the finish is done by hand. Customers can have their names engraved on special gifts.

Crane sells its openers mainly to businesses, but individuals can also order one-off its website.

You can also find many unique, custom-made bottle openers. A pink bullet is something I’ve never seen before! 

The company even released a limited edition Pink Bottle Breacher for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The idea for Bottle Breacher came from Crane’s desire to create something unique from the things he used while deployed.

Crane was able to turn something once considered waste into a fun and useful product. There is no lack of 50 caliber bullet shells being used.

Crane may be seeking funding to expand his business. Are the Sharks likely to fund Crane’s business?

What Is Bottle Breacher?

Bottle Breacher is a company that makes unique bottle openers out of 50 caliber bullets. The product is mostly geared toward grooms and best men and promotional items but is also available for sale.

Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Update

You might want to give it to your boyfriend on his birthday or anniversary. You could also give it to your father. On request, the company can make Bottle Breachers for special events.

Company NameBottle Breacher
EntrepreneurEli Crane And Jen Crane
ProductBottle openers crafted from recycled bullets of 50 caliber
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 10% equity in Bottle Breacher
Final Deal$150,000 For 20% equity in Bottle Breacher
SharkMark Cuban And Kevin O’Leary
Episode Season 6 Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Bottle Breacher?

The creators of Bottle Breacher are Eli Crane and Jen Crane. The couple served in the armed forces before venturing into entrepreneurship. 

He spent about 14 years working with Navy SEALs. Jen is a co-owner of Bottle Breacher with her husband, Eli, and they run the business together.

Eli came up with Bottle Breacher for two reasons. One, he knew that most men like beer.

There are two more things that most men love: guns and bullets. The idea of making bottle openers out of dummy rounds was exciting, and he had it right.

Eli was able to get the bullets through a third party in the military.

The couple set up an account on Etsy and started making money right away. It already made $500,000. The company’s earnings before Shark Tank were already $500,000.

Bottle Breacher Before Shark Tank

The Shark Tank will feature a military couple who think they have a “manly gift.”.

Eli Crane and his wife, Jennifer, both work for Bottle Breacher. They are seeking $150,000 from Bottle Breacher.

Bottle Breacher strives to make the best and most personalized 50 caliber bullet bottle openers. Eli begins by stating:

I don’t understand who would open bottles with a 50 caliber bottle opener. Short answer: they’re great.

Eli, an ex-Navy Seal, knew that he would have to figure out how to support his family after leaving the Navy one day. Hence, Bottle Breacher was born.

Isn’t that simple? Eli thinks so. Most guys like to drink beer. A large caliber bullet is also considered very cool by most guys (also true).

So Bottle Breacher calls the 50 caliber bottle opener the “ultimate gift for men.”

This couple isn’t satisfied with a successful business. Sharks can help them break into more markets than they already have.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Bottle Breacher?

Elijah and his wife, Jen, appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $150K for a 10% equity in Bottle Breacher. 

You can see how to use the product in this video, and they claim that it’s the best bottle opener for bullets!

Each Shark receives a beer and personalized opener from the people working at the event.

They say their manufacturing cost is $9.03, and they made a half-million dollars in sales last year and anticipate making more than $800,000 this year.

It gets its name from the fact that they break each bottle. Is that possible? Lori asked if there was a way to create them from other bullets.

Lori is unsure, so she asks if some people don’t like bullets, which doesn’t mean others don’t like them.

Why do they need the money? Kevin asks what they should do, and we tell him that there needs to be more manufacturing space.

He talks about how he tried to join the Navy Seals for the first time and didn’t give up. For now, they’re going to work on their business instead of him.

Mr. Wonderful likes the product, so he wants to provide $150K with a 20% stake in Bottle Breacher. Elijah would like to hear more offers when he thinks about the other Sharks.

If you can acquire licensing, Daymond will give you 25% of $200K. Robert has the task of “clearing the field.”

Mark says he’ll split the money with Kevin 50-50. Each of them will get $75,000. In this case, Elijah agrees to it!

Kevin and Mark agreed to invest $150K for 20%.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary agree to invest $150,000 for a 20% stake in Bottle Breacher.

What Happened To Bottle Breacher After Shark Tank?

Bottle Breacher became a huge hit after their appearance on Shark Tank. They even appeared on another Shark Tank episode after that.

Sales rose from $200,000 to $2.5 million in only a few years. Bottle Breacher has been a huge hit with people worldwide, creating jobs in the United States.

Bottle Breachers, for instance, focuses on one American hero, such as Marc Lee. You can also find Bottle Breachers that include the American flag.

There is also a purple version for women. You can also use 50 caliber rounds with the Bottle Breacher.

You can find them on the Bottle Breacher website for about $20 for the basic model or on Amazon for a bit more. 

You can still make Bottle Breachers yourself, but not those you buy from Amazon.

Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Update

Bottle Breacher encountered inventory issues after their initial air date. A few dissatisfied customers didn’t receive their orders on time, but they have resolved their difficulties and are on schedule now. 

There is an update segment on Bottle Breacher in episode 617.

Mr. Wonderful discussed bottle Breacher’s logistical troubles in episode 617. According to them, their website crashed, and they sold 60,000 pieces following the broadcast.

They increased production from 175 to over 1000 units per day and increased labor from eight to 32.

What Happened To SworkIt After Shark Tank?

Orders are being filled slowly, but they’ve made $2.5 million in revenue. Bottle Breacher appears to be making progress despite their difficulties.

Elijah appeared in episode 703 of season 7 of The Wonder Years as Mr. Wonderful’s assistant at a wedding ceremony on Nantucket.

The “Something Wonderful Platform” creator announced plans to package his Shark Tank-affiliated companies into a wedding industry entity worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Update

The island is also home to Wicked Good Cupcakes and HoneyFund. Elijah and Jen say they’ve generated $4.2 MILLION of sales since working with Kevin!

The narrative of Bottle Breacher continues after the Tank episode.

Elijah announced his candidacy for Congress in July 2021, seeking to represent Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.

Throughout his speech, he discussed Biden’s open border policies, liberal demands for critical race theory instruction in schools, and concerns regarding election security arising out of Arizona’s 2020 presidential race.

The company employs more than 35 people, earned more than $20 million in lifetime sales, and earned approximately $4 million in annual revenue as of January 2022.

Is Bottle Breacher Still In Business?

Bottle Breacher has expanded its range of accessories since striking up a partnership with Shark Tank investors Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban, including coasters, bumper stickers, wristbands, and now a $40 Wine Breacher. 

Bottle breacher has reached a bottleneck with so many items available.

What Happened To 2400 Expert After Shark Tank?

Wine enthusiast O’Leary may be a fan of the latest wine product, but not filling back orders worries him as an investor.

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