Boarderie Shark Tank Update | Boarderie Net Worth

Boarderie is a luxury catering company that appeared in episode 07 of season 14 of Shark Tank. The company specializes in producing catering-quality gourmet cheese boards that can be delivered anywhere.

These cheese boards are the world’s first of their kind, designed to be shipped almost completely assembled, allowing customers to have a beautiful chef-quality display in just minutes.

Boarderie offers a range of cheese and charcuterie boards in different sizes, including small, medium, and large. These boards are not custom products but are made on an assembly line, enabling the company to produce more than 3,000 boards daily in their specially built-production kitchen. 

The items on the boards are of high quality and freshness, impressing even the Sharks during the show.

Customers can order these gourmet boards online and have them delivered nationwide overnight. The boards come almost fully assembled, saving customers time and effort in preparing an elegant cheese display.

Boarderie has gained popularity and success by tapping into the growing cheese and charcuterie boards trend. They have received positive reviews for the quality and variety of items included on the boards.

The company’s focus on e-tailers like Williams Sonoma and DoorDash and partnerships with retail giants like Costco have helped them reach a wider customer base. They have also benefited from being listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2022.

Boarderie offers a unique and convenient solution for those who enjoy gourmet cheese and charcuterie. Customers can effortlessly create an impressive display for any occasion with their catering-quality, ready-to-serve boards.

The company’s success on Shark Tank and its growing direct-to-consumer sales indicate that Boarderie is a good choice for those looking to elevate their culinary experience with high-quality, delicious cheese boards.

Company NameBoarderie
FounderAaron Menitoff and Rachel Solomon
ProductA pre-arranged, catering-quality cheese and charcuterie board that is available directly to consumers
Investment Seeking$300,000 for a 5% Equity
Final Deal Accepted$300,000 for a 9% Equity
EpisodeSeason 1, Episode 7
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Net Worth$5 Million

What Is Boarderie?

Boarderie is a gourmet catering company specializing in artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards. The Boarderie is a fully-arranged board delivery service founded by food enthusiasts with over 40 years of experience.

Their products are perfect for gifting and hosting various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. Boarderie prides itself on providing unique, thoughtful, and premium tasting experiences with lightning-fast delivery.

Boarderie Shark Tank Update | Boarderie Net Worth

As a family-run business, they aim to inject the spirit of heartfelt hospitality into every aspect of their offerings. Additionally, they have been featured on Shark Tank and offer corporate gifting options.

With a focus on quality and thoughtful touches, Boarderie ensures that each board feels sincere and is accompanied by ambitious CSR programs that promote causes they care about.

Who Is The Founder Of Boarderie?

Boarderie was founded by Julie and Aaron Menitoff, experienced entrepreneurs in the catering industry. They had successfully owned and operated Wellington Hospitality Group for 20 years in Palm Beach, Florida.

Their catering business catered to a prestigious clientele, including high-profile individuals like Prince Harry, Venus and Serena Williams, Bill Gates, and Bruce Springsteen.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, their traditional catering business stopped due to canceled events and gatherings. However, Julie and Aaron were determined not to let their business suffer.

They recognized that people still desired gourmet treats and wanted to send special gifts to loved ones they couldn’t visit in person.

To adapt to the changing circumstances, the founders teamed up with Rachel Solomon and Angel Jerez to create Boarderie. The idea was to offer beautifully arranged artisan cheese and charcuterie boards that could be shipped nationwide.

They carefully selected award-winning cheeses, high-quality meats, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, and crackers from artisan producers worldwide.

The Boarderie team developed a technology that allowed the boards to be vacuum-sealed and shipped overnight in wooden boxes with Nordic Ice packs. This ensured the boards arrived at customers’ homes chilled at 40°F, maintaining freshness and quality.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Boarderie had already gained recognition and success. Their boards were in high demand and sold through their website and renowned retailers like Williams Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, and Doordash Nationwide.

The company has also received prestigious endorsements and features from prominent sources such as Oprah’s Favorite Things, Forbes Business magazine, and USA Today.

Appearing on Shark Tank in Season 14, Episode 7, on November 18, 2022, provided Boarderie with an additional platform to showcase their innovative business model.

The popular TV show’s exposure helped increase awareness and attract potential investors and customers.

The founders of Boarderie, Julie and Aaron Menitoff, leveraged their expertise, talent, and ingenuity to pivot their catering business into a successful venture that offered unique and delicious cheese and charcuterie boards nationwide.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Boarderie?

During their Shark Tank pitch in Season 14 Episode 7, Rachel Solomon and Aaron Menitoff presented their business, Boarderie, which specializes in online edible gifting, particularly cheese and charcuterie boards.

They sought a $300,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity in their company, valuing Boarderie at $6 million.

Boarderie Shark Tank Update | Boarderie Net Worth

Rachel explained that Boarderie’s production was handled in a 15,000-square-foot facility in Florida, enabling them to produce thousands of units daily and deliver them to customers the following day.

The production cost for a single unit was $90, while the wholesale cost was $150. Despite the relatively lower margins, Boarderie had generated just under $2 million in revenue the previous year and projected to double that amount to around $4 million while remaining profitable. Their net profit goal for 2022 was $400,000.

After hearing the pitch, Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban opted out of investing. Kevin O’Leary perceived the business as risky but offered $300,000 for 17.5% equity.

Barbara Corcoran proposed $300,000 for 15% equity and a $300,000 line of credit. Lori Greiner made an offer of $300,000 for 9% equity.

After negotiations, Rachel and Aaron accepted Lori Greiner’s offer with Mark Cuban’s assistance. They secured a deal with Lori at 9% equity for the $300,000 investment.

Here is a table summarizing the Shark’s offers, counter offers by the founders, and the final deal:

SharkInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Kevin O’Leary$300,00017.5% equityNot Accepted
Barbara Corcoran$300,00015% equity + $300,000 LOCNot Accepted
Lori Greiner$300,0009% equityAccepted

Boarderie received an investment of $300,000 from Lori Greiner in exchange for 9% equity, which would provide them with the necessary resources to boost sales and expand their online presence.

Did Boarderie Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Boarderie did get a deal on Shark Tank. The founders, Aaron Menitoff and Rachel Solomon appeared on Season 14, Episode 7 of Shark Tank and pitched their direct-to-consumer cheese and charcuterie board business.

They asked for $300,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake, valuing the company at $6 million. After negotiations, they ultimately struck a deal with Shark Lori Greiner. Lori invested $300,000 in Boarderie for a 9% equity stake.

This successful partnership helped the company’s valuation reach $3.3 million. Boarderie continues to operate and has seen significant growth, with projected sales of $4 million in 2022.

What Happened To Boarderie After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Boarderie experienced significant growth and success. The exposure from the show led to a massive increase in sales, with the company hitting the $1 million mark in weekly sales. This surge in demand required them to suspend orders during the Christmas holiday due to product shortages.

Boarderie partnered with Lori Greiner, who played a pivotal role in enhancing their offerings by introducing new cheeses and expanding their selection of themed and specialty boards.

Customer feedback also helped improve their gourmet assortments over time. They now offer a variety of themed boards for seasonal celebrations and cater to different preferences, including options without meat.

The company’s success extended beyond sales as they set a Guinness World Record for the largest charcuterie board, weighing 769 pounds and measuring 20 feet by 14 feet.

Boarderie Shark Tank Update | Boarderie Net Worth

This impressive achievement showcased their growth and commitment to philanthropy, as all items from the record-setting board were donated to a non-profit organization.

Looking ahead, Boarderie is actively researching and evaluating emerging trends and customer preferences. They plan to introduce new products, such as dessert boards, and expand into vegan and gluten-free varieties to cater to diverse dietary needs.

Their vision is to create a space where everyone can find something that suits their dietary preferences or needs.

Boarderie’s appearance on Shark Tank propelled them to impressive sales, expanded their product offerings, and positioned them as a leader in the charcuterie board industry.

Boarderie Shark Tank Update

After appearing on “Shark Tank,” Boarderie experienced significant success and growth. The company’s pitch on the show impressed the sharks, leading to multiple investment offers. Ultimately, Boarderie accepted Lori Greiner’s offer of a $300,000 investment for 9% equity.

The exposure from “Shark Tank” resulted in a surge in sales for Boarderie. End-of-the-year sales grew by 1000%, reaching $70 million. 

The company became the largest overnight shipping company in South Florida, temporarily selling out of charcuterie boards due to high demand. Boarderie also made it onto Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2022, further boosting its sales and reputation.

As of 2024, Boarderie is still in business and thriving. The company’s website offers a variety of charcuterie boards for different occasions, including options for corporate gifting. Boarderie continues to expand its reach and maintain an active social media presence.

It also releases limited-time products and engages in community initiatives, such as employing adults with cognitive development disabilities and organizing volunteer food drives.

Boarderie experienced tremendous success and growth after appearing on Shark Tank. The company’s sales skyrocketed, making it a prominent player in the charcuterie board market. It continues to thrive and expand its offerings and community involvement.

Is Boarderie Still In Business?

Yes, Boarderie is still in business. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Boarderie has thrived and grown. The company offers direct-to-consumer, ready-to-eat, pre-arranged, catering-quality Cheese and Charcuterie boards.

Their boards contain high-quality, artisan-inspired ingredients sourced from around the world. The Boarderie also caters to corporate gifting needs in addition to individual customers.

Boarderie Shark Tank Update | Boarderie Net Worth

They use high-quality acacia wood for their reusable boards. As of now, Boarderie only ships within the United States. The company was founded in 2020 by Aaron Menitoff and Rachel Solomon, and it has experienced significant success, shipping over 60,000 boards by November 2022.

With a strong presence in the market and a dedicated team of 50 to 100 employees, Boarderie continues to serve customers nationwide.

What Is the Net Worth Of Boarderie?

According to our research, Boarderie’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. The valuation of Boarderie was $3.33 million after securing an investment from Lori Greiner on Shark Tank season 14.

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