10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

You have created a beautiful and attractive WordPress website. Moreover, you spent a good time writing content and optimizing it for your visitors. 

Like every other blogger and webmaster, you would expect to get organic traffic on your website and get higher business. 

However, the only way to achieve organic traffic on your website is by performing Search Engine Optimization on your blog or website. 

If you think Search Engine Optimization is a technical term and you would have to spend a lot of time learning it, you might need to change your perception. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best WordPress SEO plugins to help you perform SEO of your website or blog to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). 

With an excellent SEO Plugin, you can rank your website content higher to pull organic visitors to your website. 

Luckily, there are multiple WordPress SEO Plugins to help you perform SEO and outrank your competitors in SERPs. You can make use of these SEO plugins to implement SEO and boost the ranking of your WordPress website.

In this post, I will talk about some of the best WordPress SEO Plugins that you should use on your blog or website. Most of these plugins offer you similar functions and help you perform SEO of your website. 

Things you should understand about WordPress SEO Plugins

While searching for WordPress SEO Plugins, you will come across various SEO Plugins that would promise you dozens of functions and features. 

However, you should not get overwhelmed as a beginner with the list of features of an SEO plugin. You don’t need tons of features and functionalities to rank your website. 

You can perform SEO of your WordPress website with a single plugin with a little analysis skill. 

Is WordPress Good for SEO?

WordPress is by default, a search engine friendly Content Management System when you compare it with other CMS. 

Moreover, WordPress offers you various SEO plugins to help you perform the On-Page & Technical SEO of your website. 

With these SEO plugins, you can easily rank your website on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). 

Does Google Favor WordPress?

WordPress powers more than 30% of total websites live on the internet. Hence, there are some theories that Google favors WordPress in SEO. 

However, it does not hold true. Google is impartial to every Content Management System or Blogging platform. However, if you use a custom-built CMS that is poorly coded or does not follow the standard coding practice, Google might take longer to crawl or rank your website. 

Can I install two WordPress SEO Plugins on my website?

Yes, you can use two WordPress SEO plugins on your website. However, it doesn’t make any sense to use two plugins on the website that perform the same task. 

For example, you can use one plugin that performs On-Page SEO and another plugin for Image SEO or other technical SEO. But you should not use two plugins that perform the same task else there can be conflict. 

An SEO conflict can cause a delay in crawling or indexing your website, which is not something you want. 

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank your Website

With the number of SEO Plugins available, you might get confused about which one to use for your WordPress website. 

The best SEO Plugin helps you with your SEO goals and recommends you specific tasks that recommend you to make changes on pages and posts. 

Moreover, some SEO plugins will let you check for broken links and compress the size of the images to boost your website’s SEO. 

The list of SEO Plugins mentioned below will help you perform the overall SEO of your website and improve ranking in SERPs. 

Let’s dive in with our list:

Yoast SEO

If you have used WordPress even for some time, there is a high chance that you have heard about Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is undoubtedly the most popular WordPress SEO Plugins available for WordPress. 

The plugin has been used by over 5 million websites around the world, with more than 25K 5-star ratings. These stats prove the efficiency and usability of this awesome plugin. 

WordPress SEO Plugins

You can perform SEO of your website to please search engine spiders and even your visitors with Yoast SEO plugin. 

It is backed up by a dedicated team of developers, designers, testers, and SEO Experts that improves the performance of plugins to rank your website better. 

You can optimize your page and post Title and Meta Description for better branding and better CTR from search engine results. Also, it features state of the art Schema implementation that boosts the chances of your website ranking higher than your competitors. 

The plugin automatically generates advanced XML Sitemap to help you and search engine spider check for newer posts and pages on your website. 

Moreover, it provides full control over your website’s breadcrumbs and automatically sets a canonical URL to help your site avoid duplicate content and save it from the Google penalty. 

It also helps you write a great and super optimized content for your website that engages your visitors along with performing On-Page SEO. You can write an SEO friendly article with correct focus keyword with this plugin. 

With readability analysis, you get to understand how easy your content to read and understand. It also features a snippet preview with which you can check how your page or post will look like in the Search Engine Results Page. 

Yoast SEO can be a perfect solution for you to perform SEO of your website if you are a business owner, content creator, developer, or an SEO Expert. 

Furthermore, Yoast SEO even features the below addons to help you optimize your WordPress website. 

Here are some addons:

Local SEO: Local SEO addon helps you to optimize your website to improve your website rank higher in local search results. 

Video SEO: You can boost your videos’ ranking in the search engine results page with Video SEO addon of Yoast SEO. 

News SEO: You can perform SEO of your news website and get it crawled regularly and help your news post rank high at a faster rate with News SEO addon of Yoast SEO. 

Yoast SEO WooCommerce Addon: You can perform SEO optimization of your products of an online store using Yoast SEO WooCommerce Addon. 

Features of Yoast SEO:

  • Automatically generates XML Sitemaps. 
  • Provides you option to create custom Site Title & Meta Description.
  • Offers easy redirection of URLs.
  • Allow you to add Breadcrumbs.
  • Allows you to hide specific Posts & Pages from Search Engine.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is probably the oldest WordPress SEO Plugin available on WordPress.org. It has been downloaded over 65 Million since 2007 and currently has over 2 million installations. 

You can optimize your WordPress website with All in One SEO Pack to rank it on top of SERPs without much hassle. The plugin is quite easy to use and understand. 

WordPress SEO Plugins

You can easily add SEO Title, Meta Tags, XML Sitemaps, Open Graph meta tags, image sitemaps, and many more with this awesome plugin. 

Moreover, it works with WooCommerce out of the box to help you optimize your eCommerce shop. Hence, you don’t need an addon if you run an online store on WordPress. 

This plugin is easy to set up and provides you easy access to various settings to perform SEO with its feature manager. 

It automatically creates an XML Sitemap of your website, which you can submit to Google and Bing to improve your site ranking. Also, it features Google AMP support to get better ranking on mobile devices. 

You can also Schema Markup codes with this plugin. Moreover, it even supports advanced canonical URLs and automatically notifies Search Engines regarding changes you made on your website. 

Furthermore, you get a built-in API to provide better access and extended functionality of the plugin. 

Features of All in One SEO Pack:

  • Offers inbuilt Google AMP Support.
  • Automatically generates XML Sitemap for your posts, pages, and images. 
  • Advanced Canonical URLs. 
  • Automatically informs Search Engines regarding changes on your website. 
  • Offers free plugin if you do not want to invest in a premium plugin.
  • Advanced features for pro users. 
  • Can add custom meta description and SEO Title. 
  • Translated into 57 languages. 


Rank Math is probably the latest addition to the list of WordPress SEO Plugins. It is developed by the team of MyThemeShop, the developers behind awesome WordPress themes used by millions of websites. 

It is a feature-packed WordPress SEO Plugin that helps your website rank higher in search engines. As soon as you install this plugin, it takes you through a setup guide through its easy to understand UI. 

WordPress SEO Plugins

The plugin allows you to perform complete On-Page SEO of your website along with various other features that are lacked by other SEO plugins. 

You can even perform a 404 error monitor to check which pages are letting users dead or 404 pages and also the number of times. Hence, you can redirect them to eliminate the error 404 experience. 

Moreover, the plugin also allows you to do the redirection without any additional plugin. One of the best features of Rank Math is that you can easily import other SEO plugin data to Rank Math if you are switching to Rank Math from other plugins. 

Also, you can connect Google Search Console with this plugin to check which keywords are performing better and what pages are getting more traffic on your website. The inbuilt redirection allows you to redirect any pages or posts without any additional plugin. 

Moreover, you can also add Schema Markups to your post and pages with this plugin without any addon with Rank Math plugin. It also offers your card previews for Facebook and Twitter for Social Sharing. 

Features of Rank Math:

  • Easy setup wizard
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Industry-leading support. 
  • Google webmaster integration.
  • Shows Google Crawl Errors.
  • Performs automatic image SEO.
  • Generates XML Sitemap automatically.
  • Supports rich snippets.
  • Pings search engine.
  • Performs SEO Analysis based on 40 factors. 
  • Local SEO Optimization.
  • Advanced redirection manager.
  • Offers highly customizable breadcrumbs.
  • Simple & Advanced error 404 monitoring.
  • Automatic Facebook Open Graph.
  • Easily imports data from other WordPress SEO Plugins. 


SEOPress is a relatively newcomer in the WordPress SEO Plugins list. It is a quite lightweight plugin that comes with multiple features to compete against established SEO Plugins such as Yoast and All in One SEO Pack.

This plugin makes the complicated task of SEO optimization quite easy to help your website climb SERP rankings. 

The plugin comes in two versions, Free and Premium. You will need to pay for the premium subscription. The free version of the plugin includes every feature you need to help your website rank higher. 

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 1

However, the premium version offers you advanced features and various customization options. You can easily add and customize SEO titles and meta descriptions of your website pages and posts. 

You can also generate and submit XML as well as the HTML Sitemap of your website with this plugin with ease. 

Moreover, the content analysis tool of SEOPress provides detailed information about how properly your content is optimized for SEO.

You also get Google Analytics tool and Google Suggestions with this plugin. Furthermore, it features a broken link checker to help you find a broken link on your website. 

You can also add Schema Markup codes to posts and pages of your website with this plugin. 

Furthermore, it offers WooCommerce integration to help your WooCommerce products rank well in Search Engine. 

Features of SEOPress:

  • Offers a simple installation wizard.
  • Can add and customize custom SEO Titles and Meta Description. 
  • Automatically generates XML and HTML Sitemaps.
  • Offers incredible Content Analysis tool. 
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics and Google Trends.
  • Offers Google Structured Data Types (Schema.org addition)
  • Backlink monitoring tool.
  • Easy WooCommerce integration.
  • Google News Sitemap feature.
  • Error 404 monitoring and URL rewriting tool.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a WordPress SEO plugin that follows the white-hat SEO guidelines and rules imposed by Google and WordPress to boost your website’s ranking in the Search Engines Results Page. 

The plugin uses a proven method to help you optimize your website for best SEO Results. It automatically generates meta tags for your posts and pages that saves your time.

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2

Moreover, it comes pre configured when you install and activate this plugin. However, you can tweak the settings as per your expertise. 

You can easily optimize your metadata to increase the CTR of your website. With The SEO Framework WordPress SEO Plugin, you can easily optimize your website pages and posts without any worries of making mistakes. 

It is a highly customizable WordPress SEO Plugin that offers Free, Essential, and Premium plans. 

Every plan offers you unique and extensive features to help you boost your SEO Optimization. 

Moreover, it features the Extension Manager to allow you to expand the functionality of your website. 

The plugin comes with pre-included following extensions:

Incognito: The Incognito plugin allows you to remove The SEO Framework branding. However, this extension does not affect the performance of your website. 

AMP: You can optimize your website SEO for better ranking on mobile devices with AMP extension. 

Origin: The origin extension allows you to redirect the attachments to specific pages and posts. 

Features of The SEO Framework:

  • Offers post and Page Titles Settings.
  • Custom Meta Description Option.
  • Open Graph and Social Sharing Settings
  • Can add Schema Markup codes. 
  • Robots.txt Meta Settings.
  • Webmaster Meta Settings
  • Automatically generates XML Sitemap generation.
  • RSS Feed Settings. 
  • Features useful extension manager for additional features.

We talked about the top 5 best SEO WordPress plugins that offer you On-Page Optimization with additional features to boost your SERP ranking. 

Now, let us talk about a few WordPress SEO plugins that offer you specific features to optimize the user experience and rank your website higher in SERPS.

All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema Rich Snippets helps your website stand out in Search Engines Results Pages by displaying star ratings after your meta description. 

 Search Engines reads the data available in Schema Markup codes to check the ratings and reviews on the pages and posts of your website. 

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 3

All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin allows you to optimize your WordPress website by adding schema metadata to pages and posts.

This plugin supports various Schema types such as Reviews, Peoples, products, Softwares, Services, Videos, Articles, and many more. 

The plugin works efficiently alongside your regular WordPress SEO plugin without any conflict. Hence, you can use this plugin without any issue on your WordPress website. 

Broken Link Checker

Whether you know or not, a broken or dead link can affect the overall SEO of your website and even create a bad user experience for your website visitors. 

If you are a blog or website owner or a webmaster, you should keep an eye on broken links of your website regularly and fix them. 

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 4

Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress SEO Plugin that helps you find and fix the broken links on your WordPress website. 

You can quickly fix the dead or broken links on your website without editing the specific pages or posts with this plugin. 

It is a highly useful plugin that you can use without paying a dime. 

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin that comes under the WordPress SEO Plugins category. It helps you to make your WordPress website faster and provide excellent user experience to your visitors. 

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 5

Moreover, the plugin offers various functions such as Lazy loading of images, database optimization, image optimization, and many more to boost the SEO of your website. 

Features of WP Rocket:

  • Compresses your website, HTML, CSS, and JS Files.
  • Caches content and images of your website for returning visitors. 
  • Optimizes your website database and Google fonts for better User Experience. 
  • Easy integration with popular CDNs like MaxCDN and Cloudflare.
  • Enhances page loading time

AMP for WP

As per Google’s guidelines, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a crucial factor that boosts your website’s ranking. Moreover, Google launched mobile-first indexing in March 2018, which means Google indexes the mobile version of every website first rather than the desktop version. 

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 6

With AMP for WP, you can automatically add the Accelerated Mobile Pages version to your WordPress website that helps it load faster for mobile visitors. 

More than 50 percent of search traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence it won’t be wise to let those organic visitors pass away to your competitors. Therefore, you can use this fantastic plugin to boost your website’s SEO and increase organic visitors. 

Features of AMP for WP:

  • Easily integrates AMP to your WordPress website.
  • Add multiple contents for the AMP version.
  • Optimize your WordPress website mobile pages for faster loading.
  • Quickly adds canonical tags to let Google know the original page. 

Really Simple SSL

An unsecured website is not suitable for both users and SEO. If your site is over WordPress, you can use Really Simple SSL plugin to configure your website to run over HTTPs. 

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 7

The plugin helps you to enforce SSL Setting and display the secure version of your website that attracts organic visitors and even search engine spiders to your WordPress website. 

Features of Really Simple SSL:

  • It helps to avoid duplicate data issues.
  • Changes the website URL and homepage URL to the HTTPs version. 
  • Redirects all the visitors to the Secured HTTPS version. 

Easy Table of Contents

Google recommends you to break longer articles into logical sections with associated on-page anchor texts to boost SEO and help your visitors to reach their favorite part without scrolling. 

With Easy Table of Contents, you can add a table of content to your posts and pages to help your visitors easily navigate. 

With this plugin, you can boost your website’s SEO and improve the bounce rate and dwell time of your website. 

You can choose where to insert a table of content along with the headings to be displayed in the table of content list. 

Wrapping Up

WordPress SEO is not any different than regular SEO. However, you can optimize your website with the above WordPress SEO Plugins for better ranking. 

You need to have some technical knowledge as well as SEO knowledge to use these plugins efficiently. 

I hope this article helped you to choose an effective WordPress SEO Plugin for your WordPress website. If you think I missed out on any vital SEO Plugin, please let us know in the comments section below. 

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