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Webinar marketing has increased in popularity significantly over the last year. With starting the pandemic in early 2020, webinars successfully introduced products and services to clients and potential customers. 

What is a Webinar?

Webinars are online video seminars. They are practical marketing tools that businesses use to educate customers and train employees.

Webinars can be held live or pre-recorded and automated (also referred to as “evergreen” webinars).

The person hosting the seminar is referred to as the “host,” They invite participants to watch and participate in a 10-minute to two-hour online session.

With the world becoming dependent on technology, it’s unsurprising that choosing the best webinar software has become a critical decision for many businesses.

Why use Webinars?

Today, webinar marketing is among the most popular and effective methods of brand promotion online.

The public enjoys hearing a founder or product expert walk them through their product or service, demonstrate it, and answer questions.

The following are some reasons why you should consider webinar marketing:

  • Individuals pay attention! Attendees do not drop off during longer webinars, according to GoToWebinar. Attendees will remain for approximately 70% of a webinar lasting up to 90 minutes. The average attendee of a webinar stays for 54 minutes!
  • 51% of visitors to a page advertising a webinar register for the webinar!
  • On average, a webinar converts 19% of attendees. This could generate a significant amount of revenue for your business, depending on what you’re selling.

Additionally, webinars are effective in nearly every industry!

Webinars can be great for:

  • Demonstrating novel (or incomprehensible) products and services.
  • Selling business-to-business (B2B) products (ones that are used by other businesses).
  • Blog audiences that are engaged.
  • Creating employee onboarding or training videos.
  • Offering SaaS products for sale (software).
  • Maintaining relationships with current customers.
  • Obtaining leads.
  • And the list could go on and on.

What is webinar software / Webinar Tool / Webinar App?

Webinar software is a term that refers to the tools we use to create webinars, which enable us to deliver content efficiently and engagingly. They have a high conversion rate of passive viewers to leads and revenue.

The webinar software enables you to create an interactive online experience.

  • Attendees may use the chat section at any time to ask questions.
  • Hosts can conduct polls and surveys to maintain attendance and collect data.
  • You can use screen sharing to demonstrate products live.
  • Make exclusive product offers to attendees during sessions.
  • The best webinar platforms, such as Demio and WebinarJam, enable selling and include a slew of marketing features (getting participants to sign up).

How to select the best webinar software for your business?

As a first step, attempt to answer the following questions in writing:

  1. What is your economic position? Are you able to afford costly solutions?
  2. How large is your audience? How many people do you anticipate attending the event?
  3. Is your target audience technologically savvy? Is there a problem with downloading/installing the additional software? What operating system and devices do they use?
  4. Which features are required during the live event (whiteboarding, screen sharing, presentations, prerecorded video, and chat translation, for example)?
  5. Is the conversation necessary? Do you require advanced communication features with your viewers, such as moderation, personal messages, questionnaires and polls, and the ability to send questions via email?
  6. How many presenters are you planning for the webinar?
  7. Are you planning to charge for webinars, or would you instead use live events for advertising and collecting customer email addresses?
  8. Do you wish to have your webinars recorded?
  9. Are you in need of analytical tools?
  10. Do you wish for your webinars to be re-broadcast?

Almost all webinar tools offer a 30-day money-back guarantee or a free trial period, so there’s no reason not to at least try webinars for your business.

Fortunately, I was ahead of schedule on this one. I’ve hosted hundreds of webinars over the last decade. The most important secret to using webinars to generate sales is that you need the best webinar software tool to engage viewers and deliver a seamless experience.

Seventy-seven percent of marketers use webinars to generate leads, and the majority of businesses use them in some capacity — customer support, lead nurturing, product explanations, and so on.

I’d like to warn you about a few red flags to watch out for when deciding on the best webinar software for your business. If you come across a webinar tool that includes the following:

  • Software Downloads and extensions that are difficult to understand
  • Customer service is insufficient.
  • Sound and video-related technical difficulties
  • Dashboards that are excessive in their complexity

It is simply not worth the aggravation associated with resolving these issues. You and your guests are entitled to a higher standard.

Which webinar software tool is the best?

The best webinar software enables you to host live events with attendees and ensures that they run smoothly and without hiccups.

Demio, Livestorm, ON24, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, ClickMeeting, and GetResponse are, in my opinion, the best webinar software tools.

I hope that this list of the Best Webinar Software Tools, alongside their respective pros, cons, and pricing, will assist you in determining which tool is the best fit for your business.

When evaluating tools, you should consider the following critical factors:

  • Is it necessary for viewers to download a plugin?
  • How many people are permitted in the room?
  • Is it possible to have multiple presenters?
  • Is it possible for registrants to receive email reminders?
  • Is the webinar software intended for live or on-demand webinars or a combination of the two?
  • Are there any additional features that would be beneficial, such as live chat, polls, handouts, or popup CTAs?

The best webinar software should be simple to use and provide a beautiful, on-brand experience for your viewers.

I recommend the below webinar software for your business in case you do webinars.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a completely free online collaboration tool that is included with Google Apps. A Google Account and a browser are required to host a webinar on Google Meet.

Webinar Software

The webinar can be held in a small group of up to 100 participants or broadcast to a larger audience.

In either case, the webinar is recorded while it is being broadcast. It becomes available as a YouTube video following the conclusion of the event. The author may then choose to make the video private or public.

Google Meet is extremely popular in the business world due to its convenient features for inviting members. Additionally, multiple speakers can participate in a single event, and you can easily share a webinar after it concludes.

However, it is not appropriate for paid events, as there is no option to make the stream private. As a result, we typically think of Google Hangouts as a video conferencing tool rather than a webinar tool.

Pros of Google Meet:

  • There can be up to 100 participants in the chat.
  • Your webinar will be recorded and uploaded to your YouTube channel automatically.
  • It is possible to broadcast the webinar via a browser to reach a larger audience.
  • During the webinar, you have the option of changing the speakers.
  • It is possible to disable the video and share the presentation in its entirety.

Cons of Google Meet:

  • Members must have a Google account to participate actively in the session(ask questions etc.)
  • It does not have any marketing feature such as paid events, tracking, etc.

Google Meet is Free as of 2021.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 1
Pricing of Google Meet

Business and Corporates who needs to present their webinar to up to 100 peoples can use Google Meet free of charge. Google Meet paid plan starts at $8 per month.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing application that enables video conferencing and webinars.

Webinar Software

It is simple to use for small and large businesses and is best suited for essential remote support, team building, application-based demos, and webinars.

Pros of Zoho Meeting

  • We love how it runs directly in your browser without requiring any downloads — this allows attendees to join the session with a single click.
  • Outstanding video conferencing capabilities, including screen sharing, moderator controls (for hosting secure meetings), and live chat.
  • Capability to conduct Q&A sessions, poll attendees, broadcast messages, transform attendees into presenters, and allow attendees to “raise their hands” and speak even during the webinar.
  • Online recordings are available to share with attendees via a link or as a downloadable MP4 file.
  • Embedding your registration form on your website enables website visitors to join the meeting with a single click.

Cons of Zoho Meetin

  • Reporting could be more comprehensive.
  • The features are easy to use and uncomplicated.

Pricing for Zoho Meetings

Zoho Meeting offers a free version that includes unlimited meetings with up to two participants and unlimited webinars with a maximum of ten attendees.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 2
Pricing of Zoho Meeting

The paid meeting edition is $10 per month for up to 100 attendees, while the paid webinar edition is $19 per month for up to 25 attendees. The complete pricing details are available on the Zoho website.

Companies: All the corporates are looking for a webinar tool that does not require a downloadable application.


Zoom has made quite an impression in past years. 

The most appealing feature of Zoom is that it provides basic webinar functionality for free. If your meetings last less than 40 minutes and have fewer than 100 attendees, there is no charge.

Webinar Software

That is because Zoom is designed for large businesses willing to invest significant sums in video conferencing technology. Avoid using Zoom to sell products! It is primarily a web conferencing tool.

You’ll get outstanding video conferencing features such as screen sharing, annotations on the shared screen, private and group chats, and local recordings in MP4 or M4A format.

Because recurring meetings can be created using the same link, this is exceptionally convenient for event attendees.

While Zoom is primarily used for educational purposes, it may be beneficial to business users and entrepreneurs.

Paid features include administrative controls, detailed webinar reports, cloud storage for recorded webinars, and a custom subdomain for your events that look like

Pros of Zoom

Multiple attendees can participate in a simultaneous screen share.

Share your desktop and applications for free

Compatible with all platforms and devices

The entire event can be recorded, including the questions submitted via chat and the video clips from multiple presenters and attendees that comprise the Question and Answer session.

Cons of Zoom

  • The interface navigation is a little confusing.
  • Zoom hardware is inefficient — plain and simple.

Pricing for Zoom Personal meetings with a maximum of 100 participants and a limited duration are provided for free (up to 40 minutes). Paid plans begin at $14.99 per month and include an unlimited duration of meetings with up to 100 participants.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 3
Pricing of Zoom Meeting

Startups and Businesses who require longer webinars with more than 100 attendees at once can use Zoom.


After experimenting with various tools, I’ve happily switched to Demio as one of the most modern, smooth solutions.

I spent years fumbling around with other webinar tools which had clumsy interfaces and poor customer support. I eventually tracked down Demio and haven’t looked back since. I can confidently state that this solution satisfies all of my requirements and more.

Webinar Software

The interface is sleek and easy to navigate — not just for me but also for my customers and attendees.

There is no need to download anything – simply click to enter the webinar.

However, the MAJOR BONUS is that it provides both live and automated on-demand webinars. This is significant because previously, I had to use two separate webinar tools to accomplish the same task; now, I can do so with just one.

This is an excellent tool for beginners and uneasiness with the clunky user interface and numerous settings. Professional marketers and business customers, on the other hand, will enjoy its extensive automation tools.

When I’m attempting to sell my services and products via webinars, I particularly enjoy utilizing their popup offers and call-to-action features.

Pros of Demio

  • 100% web-based (no software to download) – compatible with all browsers and devices
  • On-demand webinars that are both live and automated
  • It’s straightforward. Setup is effortless, taking only a few minutes.
  • So contemporary, such a delight!
  • Customizable: you can incorporate your brand’s logo.
  • Provide your audience with an aesthetically pleasing experience that is clean, crisp, and reliable in its operation.
  • Automated emails are sent to remind everyone to attend the event.
  • Send a recording of the webinar to all registrants following the event.

Cons of Demio

  • If you require more than 50 live participants, the price will be higher.

Pricing for Demio

Webinar Software
Pricing of Demio
  • Give Demio a try with a 14-day free trial.
  • Starter Plan: $34 per month for a room with a capacity of 50 attendees.
  • The monthly fee of $69 includes a 150-person attendee room and customized branding.
  • Monthly fee of $163 for a 500-person attendee room and four hosts.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect’s platform focuses on visually stunning content in true Adobe fashion that tries to tell a complete story. Adobe Connect 11 was recently released, making it more accessible and providing an enhanced user experience through advanced HTML browsers and a new Windows desktop application.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 4

The user interface has been simplified, made more intuitive, and made more responsive. Additionally, with enhanced host controls, you can manage breakout sessions more effectively, design layouts, and save smooth recordings.

Personalize your hosting rooms with easy-to-make functional windows called Pods. Users can create virtual screenplays called Layouts by simply adding a name, a position, and a size. Adobe Connect includes a collection of custom apps that can be used to expand the capabilities of your Layouts, or you can create your own using Adobe Connect’s new HTML SDK.

For instance, you can create a Web Links Pod that will open a URL in all participants’ browsers, allowing you to direct people to a post-session survey, assessment, or whatever else you desire.

These are numerous powerful solution that makes Adobe Connect an incredible webinar software. Adobe Connect may be the solution you’re looking for if you do have advanced requirements and would like to explore a new realm of possibilities.

Pros of Adobe Connect

  • The platform is suitable for webinars, meetings, and training/onboarding.
  • Create visually appealing webinar presentations and deliver them
  • Create interactive recordings of your webinars so they can continue to work for you long after the event has concluded.
  • Create interactive and compelling storyboards, as well as custom colors, banners, and logos.
  • Track conversion rate by campaign and make use of Adobe’s analytics.
  • Adobe Analytics and Experience Manager
  • Custom integrations with CRM systems

Cons of Adobe Connect

  • On mobile devices, users have reported experiencing some video and audio disruptions.
  • A little pricey

Pricing for Adobe Connect Adobe Connect is available in three flavors: Meetings, Webinars, and Learning. 

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 5
Adobe Connect Pricing

The Meetings plan starts at $50 per month for 25 participants, while the Learning plan allows for up to 200 participants in virtual classes. 

Adobe Connect Webinars are divided into three tiers. The lowest tier costs $130 per month for up to 100 participants, $470 per month for up to 500 participants, and $580 per month for up to 1000 participants.

Companies: Corporations and larger organizations


GoToWebinar is a reputable and established solution that large businesses rely on. It’s one of the oldest webinar software tools, and in our view, it lives up to its expectation.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 6

The webinar room can accommodate up to 5,000 participants, but the cost is prohibitively high.

It is possible to include a survey for attendees, customize email invitations, confirmations, and reminders using predefined templates, and monitor webinar statistics in real-time.

Additionally, the account holder receives some convenient lead management and reporting tools.

GoToWebinar offers convenient mobile apps for managing webinars and participating in online events.

Pros of GoToWebinar

  • The room can hold up to 5,000 people (in the Enterprise plan).
  • A feature for sharing videos.
  • Video and audio quality that you can rely on.
  • Divide your audience with breakout rooms.

Cons of GoToWebinar

  • It’s pricey, with the most basic model costing up to $900 per year.
  • The free version allows for a maximum of 100 attendees in the webinar.
  • The software is out of date and cumbersome.
  • Customer service does not live up to the mark.
  • Participants and presenters must download and install perplexing software to use the platform.
  • The recording is kept on the presenter’s computer and must be manually uploaded to the cloud.
Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 7
Pricing of GoToWebinar

Pricing for the GoToWebinar Trial period of 7 days is completely free. Premium Plans begin at $89 per month for webinars with a maximum capacity of 100 participants. Additionally, Pro ($199 /month), Plus ($429 /month), and Enterprise plans are available with up to 5000 participants.


If you regularly conduct product demonstrations and training classes, Livestorm is an excellent choice for businesses of any size. Sessions can be up and running in minutes, and the tool handles the majority of the planning for you with auto-generated registration pages as well as event reminders.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 8

Livestream is ideal for collaborating on a presentation with multiple people, as you can quickly invite any of your colleagues to join you on screen.

Session data and insights can be viewed in Livestorm’s dashboard or a CMS connected to your account. This enables teams to track visits, registrations, and attendees to improve and optimize their strategy.

Host live product demos and client training sessions, or record and automate internal training and onboarding videos.

Livestream is an excellent webinar tool that includes all of the essential features you’d expect, such as polling and Q&A throughout presentations.

Pros of Livestorm

  • Excellent for live training sessions and product demonstrations.
  • Complete registration pages are generated, and email reminders are sent to those who have enrolled for your webinar.
  • Invite colleagues to collaborate on creating presentations.
  • Completely customizable branding enables you to create presentations that are unique to your business.
  • Allows you to easily invite moderators and participants to appear on-screen alongside the host.
  • Automate various events during your webinars, such as videos and messages, so you don’t have to fiddle with them during the demonstration.
  • Connect Livestorm to any of your marketing automation tools, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, to collect leads and data from your webinars.

Cons of Livestorm

  • Because it is a browser-based application, video and audio may be impacted by the host’s internet connection.

Pricing for Livestorm: Livestorm provides a free version of Webinar Basic, enabling you to test the system with up to ten real-time attendees. Webinar Premium costs $99 per month and includes 100 live attendees.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 9
Pricing of LiveStream

Livestream’s free basic plan is designed for meetings and involves all Webinar Basic features, as well as one meeting room for up to four participants.

Livestream Premium was previously $31 per month, but as a COVID relief measure, this plan is now provided for free. This plan includes all Webinar Basic features and an unlimited number of meeting rooms for up to 12 participants.


ClickMeeting is a webinar software that prides itself on its intuitive user interface.

This platform may be helpful for web entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and internal meetings (even international ones).

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 10

There are detailed instructions for setting up the event, so you can effortlessly create your first webinar. The software is a browser-based application. On your dashboard, you can view an overview of your previous and upcoming webinars.

You can view the total number of registered users for the event planned and access an analytical report for all previous webinars.

Need to set up a new live event quickly? Simply use the copy feature to avoid having to fill out all of the fields again.

If attendees arrive early, they may receive additional information about the webinar while in the “Waiting room with an agenda.” To maintain audience engagement, you can share information about the webinar’s topic, presenters, and critical files to download, among other things.

Several extensive interactive options are available for use during the event. The speaker may run the presentation, use preloaded video or audio, or draw on the whiteboard, among other things.

Pros of ClickMeeting

  • Setting up in stages.
  • Deliver webinars on-demand and in an automated fashion
  • Complete conversion to WebRTC+HTML5 (instead of Flash)
  • Each application is browser-based.
  • Enhancements to screen sharing
  • Audio-visual
  • Option for event duplication
  • Rebranding capability for waiting rooms, webinar rooms, and email notifications, among other things.
  • Translation of chat messages
  • Awaiting room with a schedule
  • ClickMeeting excels at providing templates for various business types and robust tools for each, such as polls, surveys, and chat translation.

Cons of ClickMeeting

  • It is not possible to schedule recurring meetings.
  • There will be no breakout sessions.
Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 11
Pricing of ClickMeeting

Pricing for ClickMeeting Trial period of 30 days is complimentary. Premium plans begin at $25.


EverWebinar is the easiest alternative for all scheduled or automated webinars.

It is a WebinarJam-related tool that enables you to create on-demand webinars. It is one of my all-time favorite marketing tools, which I’ve used for years.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 12

I’d start by recording a live workshop with WebinarJam, and then upload it to EverWebinar to convert it to an automated session that I can reuse indefinitely. Additionally, you can simply upload any pre-recorded visuals and convert them to an on-demand webinar.

EverWebinar has the appearance and feel of an actual, live webinar. I was utterly taken aback when I first saw it!

The Growth Marketing Pros (us!) and other large software companies, bloggers, and marketing influencers are leveraging evergreen webinars to earn money while sleeping!

Any marketer can attest that people prefer live events. They remain up to four times more engaged in a webinar ecosystem than they would when watching a video recording.

You can recreate the look and feel of the existing webcast very often as you want with EverWebinar.

Because the solution is completely automated, you can remain in the webinar room and manage the chat. In contrast, your pre-recorded webinar plays or simply enjoy a lovely day in the park, whereas your products are displayed online.

EverWebinar handles all engagement-related tasks — room count simulation, email reminders, real-time chat simulation, and popup reminders/calls to action.

I almost didn’t want to tell anybody about evergreen webinars because they work so well.

Pros of EverWebinar

  • The attendance count can be fabricated.
  • Instead of the standard chat, which sends questions to your email, you can use the “Ask a question” option.
  • The intelligent webinar bot that displays your offer at the time and date you specify
  • There are three types of webinars. They are live, hybrid (recorded video accompanied by live chat), and automated.
  • Option for advanced statistics.
  • The purchase includes access to “webinar university,” a comprehensive how-to manual for creating the most effective evergreen webinars possible.

Cons of EverWebinar

  • On mobile, one or two users encountered issues with streaming (I have never seen this)
  • If your webinar is unconvincing, you risk appearing dishonest.
Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 13
Pricing of EverWebinar

Pricing for EverWebinar: There are several possibilities here. You can pay in three $199 installments or annually for $499, but you can try it entirely free with its for 14 days with a free trial.


GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing platform that entrepreneurs, small, medium, and large businesses rely on.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 14

This all-in-one solution not only includes a webinar platform, as well as a variety of marketing tools, such as autoresponders, custom emails, and a list segmentation feature.

This enables the mailing database and webinar tool to be housed under the same roof.

As a result, the subscriber can schedule webinar campaign groups for subscribers, send them reminders, and share social media events.

Additionally, the registration feature can collect new email addresses and automatically send thank-you messages to registrants with GetResponse.

Pros of GetResponse

  • Integration of YouTube for video viewing
  • Sharing a desktop
  • Integrated whiteboard for jotting down notes and sketches
  • Instant feedback via polls and surveys
  • Reports in detail
  • AB examinations
  • Reporting in depth
  • Email-to-RSS / blog functionality
  • CRM functionality that enables large-scale customer management

Cons of GetResponse

  • The pricing structure is a little perplexing, with users required to pay a premium to obtain the landing page designer tool and additional enhanced tools (unrelated to webinars)
  • The free trial restricts you from sending messages to a maximum of 1000 subscribers.
  • There is no telephone support available.

The size of the email list determines the pricing of the GetResponse premium.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 15
GetResponse Pricing

Pricing for the GetResponse Trial period of 30 days is Free of Cost. Premium Plans begin at $49 per month for up to 100 users. Extended plans are available for $165 per month and include up to 500 attendees.


I was using WebinarJam for years before discovering Demio, and it truly is one of the most user-friendly webinar solutions available for selling a product or service via webinar.

I was using it for so long since it performed two functions flawlessly.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 16

I discovered that it’s ideal for selling a product or service during a webinar because you can incorporate popup calls-to-action throughout the presentation, allowing your audience to purchase quickly.

I adored their live chat option for communicating with webinar attendees.

If you are hosting a webinar session to sell your product, you want everything to work correctly. They are available on WebinarJam. Plus, it’s all very reasonably priced.

It functions flawlessly on any browser or device. I’ve only encountered one issue with a slight delay.

It features a live broadcast to YouTube, a live chat during the webinar, the potential to moderate and highlight comments, personal messages among moderators, popups for promoting your product during the webinar, the possibility to poll your audience or start sharing a video or whiteboard annotation in the middle of the webinar, and an extremely robust analytics dashboard.

Pros of WebinarJam

  • It’s simple — setting up your webinar can take as little as 60 seconds.
  • Chat with the moderation team and send private messages in advanced mode.
  • Up to six co-presenters are displayed on a single screen.
  • The ability to transform a participant into a presenter for a brief period.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge web technologies to work across all browsers, operating systems, and devices.
  • It can be used to broadcast to YouTube as well as Facebook Live.
  • The ability to have mid-webinar popup offers.
  • Automatically records the session and provides attendees with a replay.

Cons of WebinarJam

  • Customer service is not the best.
  • Excellent for live webinars, but you must also purchase EverWebinar if you aim to create automated on-demand webinars. (This is why I prefer Demio; it is capable of both.)
  • Some users report experiencing video and audio delays of up to a couple of seconds.
  • Some larger organizations may object to the lack of integration with third-party antivirus tools… Thus, this is not the tool for enterprise-stage businesses.

Pricing for WebinarJam

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 17
Pricing of WebinarJam
  • $499/year ($41.58/month) for the Basic Plan. This plan enables you to host webinars with up to 500 participants, three presenters, and 24/7 support.
  • $699/year ($58.25/month) for the Professional Plan. The pro plan doubles the number of participants to 1,000 and the number of speakers to four.
  • Premium Plan: 999 dollars per year ($83.25 per month). This plan is designed for businesses that heavily rely on webinars as part of their online marketing strategy. It features up to six speakers and a maximum audience size of 5,000 for the webinar.


ON24 is one of the finest webinar platforms for businesses of all sizes. The company recently went public, making it one of the year’s oldest VC-backed IPOs.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 18

It simplifies the process of developing, scaling, and personalizing compelling webinars, virtual events, and multimedia content experiences.

The distinction between ON24 and other software is that it focuses on large-scale user conferences in addition to webinars.

They enable the creation of live webinars as well as “content hubs” for always-on content. What’s great is that you can completely customize these experiences to fit your business.

In-depth analytics enables you to comprehend engagement for even the most abundant digital events or conferences.

With more than 740 ON24 reviews on G2Crowd, the app has been around for a long time and has amassed some excellent user feedback.

Pros of ON24

  • Simple to use and elegant.
  • Rapidly create a webinar with a professional appearance.
  • Excellent Salesforce integration.
  • Polling, on-demand, personalization options, and lobby music are all fascinating features.
  • Reports on real-time statistics for the online conferences you organize

Cons of ON24

  • Events with multiple sessions can be perplexing.
  • Costly.
  • The back-end and setup processes are a little wonky, confusing, and time-consuming.

Pricing for ON24

ON24’s website does not include a price list. They require that you first request a quote. Pricing appears to vary according to your needs, and some online reviews indicate that the service is more “concierge-like,” charging between $1,600 and $10,000 per event.


EasyWebinar is a one-stop shop for creating live and automated webinars.

They’ve created a feature-rich product that enables you to prioritize webinars in your digital marketing efforts.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 19

There are numerous features, including high-definition video, live webinars, evergreen webinars, pre-built sales funnels, multi-presenter mode, chat feature, mobile app, and a robust analytics suite.

It’s a truly remarkable product. If I weren’t already such a massive fan of EasyWebinar, I might consider it as a substitute.

Pros of EasyWebinar

  • Automated (evergreen) webinars include sales funnels and analytics, transforming them into a genuine sales machine.
  • The basic plan accommodates up to 100 attendees.
  • Multiple presenters, screen sharing, live chat, and Q&A are just a few of the features that make excellent webinar software great.
  • Integrates with several popular third-party applications, including Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Stripe.
  • 8000 satisfied customers and growing, with a plethora of positive reviews.
  • Features for live and automated webinars.
  • Mobile application for webinars on the go.

Cons of EasyWebinar

  • More expensive than similar other options.
Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 20
Pricing of EasyWebinar

Pricing for EasyWebinar starts at $59 per month for up to 100 participants. The price rapidly increases.


Webex is a product of Cisco.

It is an enterprise-class webinar system designed for team collaboration.

It accomplishes this admirably. Webex enables users to video meet, call, screen share, and collaborate via high-definition video or voice.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 21

To my mind, this is not a customer webinar platform — one designed for communicating with hundreds of clients or prospective customers. It lacks the majority of the features that other platforms for product sales offer.

According to Webex, users can host meetings with up to 40,000 attendees. Therefore, if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, this platform may be ideal for your next conference call!

Additionally, Webex has a mobile app that makes team collaboration on the go a breeze.

Additionally, Webex offers a solution for hosting client webinars — with a capacity of up to 3,000 attendees. It’s straightforward, streams smoothly, and includes a few features you’d expect from a premium webinar service, such as live chat, Q&A, polling, branded invitations, and some analytics.

Additionally, you can record your session to create an evergreen webinar.

Pros of Webex

  • Up to 40,000 attendees are simultaneous.
  • Screen sharing, live chat, and Q&A sessions are all available.
  • One of the most effective webinar tools for team collaboration.
  • A mobile application with an incredible feature.
  • Support for large accounts is robust.
  • Webex devices are firmware tools for conference rooms that enhance the quality and collaboration of video conferencing (for a high price, of course).

Cons of Webex

  • Without a doubt, Webex is for team collaboration, not for consumer webinars.

Pricing plans for Webex begin at $13.50 per month for up to 50 participants. The price rapidly increases.


Livestream is a professional webinar software designed for corporations, large businesses, and educational institutions.

While it applies to all other webinar users, Livestream targets those who have already established rapport with their audience.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 22

Here, the broadcaster is not required to consider the highest number of attendees permitted by his plan. You may include as many attendees as necessary while maintaining excellent audio and video quality.

All events are captured and stored in the cloud automatically.

Additionally, storage is unlimited, allowing you to save all of your events for future reference.

To maximize audience coverage, you can advertise in the robust Livestream community and stream your event live on Facebook and YouTube.

Are you already at a point where people are willing to pay for your events? Take advantage of the Pay-Per-View option when purchasing digital tickets.

MEVO, Livestream’s event camera: MEVO is a fantastic camera that allows for hands-free recording of live events. It has a mind of its own and is capable of recording from a variety of angles. The technology simply moves in lockstep with the speaking head. It’s pretty remarkable.

My team and I use WebinarJam for our webinars, but I record my live press briefings and panels using a MEVO. I spent several hundred dollars recruiting a videographer for each event I hosted; now, I simply use my MEVO.

Pros of Livestream

  • Unlimited participants
  • You can record an unlimited number of events with Livestream.
  • Publish a live stream to Facebook or YouTube.
  • Pay-Per-View option for event monetization.
  • It can be directly embedded into your website.

Cons of Livestream

  • There are no audience engagement tools such as surveys or polls.

Pricing for a Livestreaming Trial period of 30 days is Free. Paid plans begin at $42 per month and do not have a cap on the number of participants. The programs are functionally distinct.

The premium plan, which costs $199 per month, includes analytics tools and the option to embed live video. Enterprise clients can upgrade to a $799 per month advanced plan that provides password protection, enhanced privacy controls, and much more.

Businesses of all types, but particularly those that live host events, can use Livestream.


BlueJeans Events is ideal for hosting large-scale live events, webinars, and webcasts.

Events by BlueJeans is a premium content distribution platform with a feature-rich moderator dashboard that allows a range of one-to-one and one-to-many contact choices. It is designed for marketing teams that want to capture and focus on audience participation.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 23

BlueJeans invites consumers to update their “outdated webinars” with production-grade experiences that convert obsolete slide share presentations into revamped video events.

Their multimedia stack is fuelled by high-definition video and Dolby Voice audio for a truly immersive experience. BlueJeans Events comes with support to 150 on-camera speakers, chat, voting, Q&A, screen sharing, app share, pre-uploaded media replay, and various video broadcasted that event managers can alter during the presentation.

Events by BlueJeans enables you to categorize and segment the event attendees into three categories: moderators, panelists, and attendees. Each function has access to a distinct set of capabilities that contribute to the event’s overall success.

BlueJeans integrates with marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce, and Splash to automate invites, collect RSVP info, and expedite the follow-up method. Additionally, users can use TicketSocket to build virtual pay gates and broadcast live on Facebook or YouTube.

Pros of BlueJeans

  • The dashboard for moderators is unmatched in its functionality.
  • It is entirely web-based and has no downloads.
  • Presenters and moderators have a backstage ‘green room,’ while attendees have a lobby ‘waiting room.’
  • It takes less than a minute to set up and schedule an event.
  • The HTML embed code enables event organizers to stream content from their preferred domain.
  • For mid-event breaks or session switching, use the intermission/pause broadcast function.
  • Near captioning is automated.

Cons of BlueJeans

  • Although more expensive, it comes with a broader range of integrated features.

BlueJeans Events Pricing

It features a free trial for 14 days. 

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 24
Pricing of Bluejeans

Unlimited webinar plans starting at $99/month with packages for 100, 200, or 500 participants are available online. Customers interested in hosting audiences of up to 50,000 attendees can contact sales.

Marketing and production teams focused on growth that requires high-value, easy-to-use technology for webinars can use BlueJeans Events.


DaCast can be an excellent option for businesses and individuals who are new to webinar hosting.

While most webinar services are subscription-based, this pricing structure can be inconvenient for those who host live events on a sporadic basis.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 25

Dacast is a live streaming site with an innovative pricing model. Customers can make payments on an event-by-event basis.

Prepaid bandwidth may be used as required by the client over the next 12 months. There are, however, subscription-based plans available for those that host webinars regularly.

Dacast enables you to stream content from your website, social media platforms such as Facebook, or any other source. The account holder can limit access based on geolocation or referrer, watermark the stream, and charge for paid events.

Pros of Dacast

  • There are no viewer restrictions.
  • Multiple Channels.
  • Access via FTP.
  • Integrating live video streams.
  • It can be used without requiring a subscription (great for one-time and rare events).

Cons of Dacast

  • If you exceed the allotted bandwidth, you will be fined $0.15 per GB, or your streams will be disabled.

Pricing for the DaCast:

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 26
Pricing of Dacast

Dacast offers a free trial for 14 days. Monthly or per-event plans are available. Monthly plans begin at $19 a month and include prepaid bandwidth, viewer hours, storage, and support.


WebinarNinja is a fully-featured webinar software solution that has earned companies’ confidence, such as Baremetrics and AppSumo. It includes all of the resources you’ll need to run any kind of webinar, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete novice.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 27

Host live webinars with a fully immersive attendee experience and then archive and automate the webinars for potential viewing by new attendees.

WebinarNinja enable you to connect with viewers via the chat area, allowing them to experience a live session while watching a recorded webinar.

If your company wishes to host a series of conferences, WebinarNinja allows users to create courses with multiple sessions, with attendees registering only once.

WebinarNinja’s email updates, registration confirmations, and event reminders provide all of the necessary information to registrants.

WebinarNinja integrates critical marketing tools that enable you to monitor conversions and attendance rates, allowing you to evaluate data and make informed decisions on how to move attendees into your funnel.

Pros of WebinarNinja

  • You can create any form of webinar you want: live, automated, hybrid, sequence, or summits.
  • WebinarNinja is a cloud-based service, which means that attendees can participate from any internet browser without downloading any software.
  • WebinarNinja’s advanced templates and page layouts allow you to create visually appealing webinar decks.
  • The platform includes a suite of marketing tools that further engage your audience through search and social media.

Cons of WebinarNinja

  • The back-end interface is a bit complex.
  • Occasionally, audio has been recorded to go in and out of sync.
  • Uploading longer presentations can take longer.
  • Customer support is sluggish.

Pricing for WebinarNinja 

WebinarNinja is offered at three different price points. The Pro package is $79 a month and includes 300 live webinar participants but not hybrid webinars.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 28
Pricing of WebinarNinja

The WebinarNinja Plus package costs $129 per month for 500 live webinar attendees, while the Power plan costs $199 per month for 1000 live webinar attendees. Each package includes an unlimited number of attendees for archived webinars.

Businesses of all sizes, but especially large ones, can use WebinarNinja.


MyOwnConfernce is a cloud-based webinar software, video conferencing, and online meeting solution. It provides a relatively stress-free experience with a straightforward setup process at an affordable price.

Small businesses find this approach feasible because it includes the majority of the required webinar features.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 29

Attendees can participate without downloading the software and using any web browser on a desktop or mobile device. To create a multimedia webinar experience, share your screen & easily broadcast videos from YouTube.

With global coverage, your webinar can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their location. Additionally, there is no need to be concerned about a language barrier, as the webinar room interface for MyOwnConference is accessible in multiple languages.

Another unique feature allows hosts to warn or blacklist disruptive attendees, allowing you to maintain order throughout your presentation and prevent future spammer issues. This way, you can focus all of your efforts on providing helpful information to customers.

Pros of MyOwnConference

  • Attendees are not required to download any software.
  • Live broadcast demonstrations with a single or multiple presenters.
  • Send attendees instant private messages and pin critical information and links to the top of the chat to ensure they don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Throughout the webinar, display any materials you have, such as documents and slides.
  • Record webinars in SD, HD, or full HD, with the option of including or excluding some aspects of the webinar room from the recording.
  • Include tests and surveys in your presentation to elicit detailed information about your audience.
  • The white-labeling feature of MyOwnConference enables customized branding and backgrounds.
  • The platform makes use of international-level data centers, allowing users from all over the world to participate easily. Additionally, it supports sixteen different languages.
  • Automatically send email invitations and reminders to registrants to ensure they do not miss your live webinars.

Cons of MyOwnConference

  • The user interface could be more intuitive.
  • The layout of a live room can appear clumsy.
  • While your internet connection will affect webinar performance, the platform includes a speed test function that allows you to check it out beforehand.

Pricing for MyOwnConference 

MyOwnConference offers both a free and a paid version. The Free option allows for a maximum of 20 attendees and three cameras during your webinar, but recording is limited to 20 minutes.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 30
Pricing of MyOwnConference

The paid plan is priced according to the number of attendees you require. For $30/month, you can have a minimum of 60 attendees, ten cameras, and full HD recording for up to ten hours.

SMBs and growing companies can use MyOwnConference.


LiveWebinar is a cloud-based webinar software for technical users. It is an entirely customizable option that supports live video streaming, screen sharing, and social media broadcasting.

As a premium solution, LiveWebinar includes cutting-edge webinar features that will enhance your audience’s webinar experience.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 31

Ensure the quality of your live webcasts with HD recordings, which enables you to automate presentations that are not pixelated or blurry.

Expand your audience and reach by broadcasting your webinars on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Periscope.

Promote engagement during live sessions by using polls, surveys, chat, and call-to-actions. You can allow hosts to draw on documents and videos with LiveWebinar’s whiteboard feature can help transform static deck slides into dynamic learning opportunities.

Divide your attendees into breakthrough rooms where they can socialize and connect over the excellent content you’re sharing with them.

Pros of Livewebinar

  • Live webinars can be recorded in full HD and stored in your personal cloud space.
  • Present your desktop in real-time during your webinar to easily share content.
  • Include Prezi forms in your presentation to capture and maintain your audience’s attention.
  • External sources and social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook can be used to broadcast your webinars and meetings.
  • Enable polls, surveys, call-to-action buttons, and chat with attendees to increase feedback and participation while nudging attendees toward conversion.
  • The Whiteboard feature in LiveWebinar enhances the presentation efficiency by making you draw on files and videos.
  • Communicate with participants via email, phone, or text.
  • Assign roles to webinars and online meeting attendees easily to ensure that everybody involved in the demonstration is on the same page.
  • You can divide your attendees into breakout groups during webinars to start creating more intimate and collaborative environments.
  • There are numerous integrations available for storing contact information in your marketing automation tool.

Cons of Livewebinar

  • Customer support is pretty quick to respond.
  • When using the tool for the first time, there is a steep learning curve.
  • Users have reported issues with service upgrades.
  • The user interface could be simplified.

Pricing for LiveWebinars

LiveWebinar offers a free option for teams with fewer than five attendees. The Pro plan is $11.99 per month and includes up to 100 attendees.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 32
Pricing of LiveWebinar

Their business plan is $95.20 per month and provides access to up to 500 attendees. Additionally, LiveStream allows you to customize your plan to only pay for the features and capacity you require.


BigMarker is a browser optimized for managing large-scale virtual events. There is no limit on the number of presenters, which is advantageous when organizing significant events with multiple guest speakers.

Custom invitations, registration landing pages, and email notifications are just a few of the marketing tools available through BigMarker.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 33

It’s difficult to maintain everyone’s attention when there are so many attendees, and video tiredness can be a major problem with virtual events. BigMarker enables you to interact with your audience members in the same way you would with any other webinar solution via digital handouts, polls, and live Q&A sessions.

With BigMarker’s CRM software integrations, you can convert your participants into leads. Keep track of all the data you collect through surveys and embedded forms so you can transform it into actionable insights, which will facilitate you to nurture leads after the webinar concludes.

Pros of BigMarker

  • No software installation is required.
  • Additionally to webinars, this is the best option for summits and virtual conferences. Up to 10,000 people can be accommodated.
  • Create webinars that are live, automated, and evergreen.
  • You can incorporate an engaging video player into their presentation using on-demand video.
  • Broadcast live events to tens of thousands of viewers on your website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.
  • Because there is no limit on the number of presenters, you can invite anybody to join the on-screen conversation.

Cons of BigMarker

  • A high-speed connection may be required to avoid shaky connections webinars and stalled webinars.
  • With so many options, it can be challenging to create the kinds of webinars you require.

Pricing for BigMarker

There is no free plan, but the entry-level Starter plan begins at $79 per month for 100 attendees and one host license. The Elite plan is $159 per month and includes 500 attendees and two host licenses.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 34
BigMarker Pricing

Premier is $299 per month and includes 1000 attendees and four host licenses. BigMaker’s white-label solution is fully customizable and ideal for events with up to 10,000 attendees.

Medium businesses and enterprises can use BigMarker.

Intermedia AnyMeeting 

AnyMeeting by Intermedia is a robust, mid-market webinar solution that enables you to host virtual events whenever and wherever you want.

Best Webinar Software For Your Business | Top Webinar Tools 35

Attendees can join from anywhere with a single click, and hosts have the control they need to deliver effective presentations.

Conduct polls and respond to participant questions while they enjoy your high-definition screen-shares, slideshows, and videos. With AnyMeeting, you can be confident that your audience will have a seamless experience from start to finish.

They can dial in from 40 different countries and be directed to a waiting room until the webinar begins.

The built-in reporting feature enables you to review the analytics and statistics from your webinars, including when audience members joined and left. This allows you to identify ways to increase engagement throughout your webinar.

Pros of Intermedia AnyMeeting

  • Video, audio, and screen sharing are all supported.
  • Invitations, registration pages, and email reminders can all be customized.
  • Conduct polls as well as surveys and share the results with your audience in real-time.
  • Built-in reporting enables you to better understand your audience by analyzing their behavior throughout the webinar.
  • AnyMeeting includes a presenter Green Room where everyone involved in the presentation can congregate for up to an hour before the presentation’s start to finalize details.

Cons of Intermedia AnyMeeting

  • Chrome browsers are the only ones that support one-click functionality.
  • It is not possible to telecast from a smartphone.

Pricing for Intermedia AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting’s Webinar Lite plan costs $48 per month per user for up to 50 attendees. Webinar Pro is priced at $128 per month per user for up to 200 attendees, while Webinar Enterprise is priced at $298 per month per user for up to 1000 attendees. Each plan includes a 30-day trial period and 24/7 customer support.

How do you attract attendees to your webinar?

What use is a webinar if no one attends?

After you’ve chosen the ideal webinar software and written the perfect webinar script, it’s time to market your webinar.

Here are some additional best practices for marketing your webinar effectively.

Create a registration page for your webinar

The registration page is where participants can learn more about your webinar. Your landing page conveys a professional image and establishes your legitimacy with the public.

Naturally, people will have many more questions about your webinar and the topic you’ll be discussing. Utilize your landing page to address most of their questions and inform them about the information they will learn and the benefits they will receive by attending your webinar. You could create a sense of urgency, distribute coupon codes, or otherwise offer discounts to those who register first.

The marvelous thing is that nearly all the webinar software could and should guide you through this process, eliminating the need for you to start from scratch.

Send an email to your email list.

Utilize your email lists to inform your subscribers about your upcoming webinar. If you’ve spent months or even years building your email list, now is unquestionably the time to start using it. Indeed, send an email to everyone on your email list.

Create a call-to-action on your website.

Anyone who visits your website should be aware that you are hosting a webinar and that they can register by clicking here! With Hellobar, you can create popups informing people about your webinar’s existence.

Utilize the strength of social media

Utilize innovative methods to capture people’s attention via social media. Utilize your social media accounts to generate interest in your webinar and engage your target audience. You can do things like creating polls to solicit feedback on webinar topics or record and distribute brief teaser videos for your webinar.

Additionally, if you have a limited budget, experiment with targeted marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook offers a plethora of targeting options to assist you in “recruiting” attendees for your webinar. You can segment your audience based on their interests, demographics, and recent online purchasing histories to determine what will pique their interest.

Solicit assistance from partners in promoting you.

In the week or two leading up to your webinar, solicit assistance from other industry experts, small blogs and publications, and even your friends or coworkers. If you plan to host a webinar with other experts, be sure to ask them to promote the event through their marketing networks, online influence, and social media presence. Make the most of your network!

Now, go ahead and launch your first webinar!

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