BedRyder Shark Tank Update

Revolutionizing Truck Safety: The BedRyder Innovation by George Conway

George Conway ventured into the competitive arena of Shark Tank to secure funding for his innovative “add-on seats” designed specifically for pick-up trucks called BedRyder.

BedRyder is a versatile truck accessory designed to add and remove extra seating in your truck bed easily. It featured sturdy bucket seats and racing shoulder harnesses, providing a fun and safe riding experience while meeting or exceeding Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

BedRyder could fit almost any truck bed, sliding between wheel wells for convenient installation and removal.

Ideal for family outings, tailgating, and leisurely drives, BedRyder was a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their truck’s functionality. 

The passenger seating on these pick-up truck seats exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Conway created BedRyder in 2009, and it stands as the sole remaining company of its kind in this niche market.

By incorporating a BedRyder, your truck can be transformed into a quasi-SUV, offering versatility and additional seating options.

The BedRyder seats can be effortlessly installed in nearly 99.9% of trucks with beds, featuring stable seats equipped with seat belts and cup holders.

Conway’s BedRyder is a must-have accessory for individuals who desire additional seating in their pick-up trucks on occasion.

Revolutionizing Truck Safety: The BedRyder Innovation by George Conway

The BedRyder is a distinctive hardware component tailored specifically for pick-up trucks, providing two seats complete with seat belts.

Its lightweight design allows for easy installation and removal across a wide range of truck models despite its 65 pounds of weight.

George Conway and Carey Hyde, longtime friends of over 40 years, have joined forces to bring the BedRyder to fruition. Conway spearheads sales and marketing efforts, while Hyde, the majority shareholder, oversees operational aspects of the business.

Seeking to revolutionize the transportation of children and pets in trucks, Hyde and Conway identified a pressing need for a secure mode of travel.

Following an intensive eight-week endeavor to craft a functional prototype, the duo rigorously tested the product to ensure its safety and efficacy, with successful outcomes across various scenarios.

As CEO of BedRyder, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, George Conway seeks an infusion of $200,000 cash in exchange for a 15% stake in his business.

With determination, he pitches his concept on Shark Tank, recounting personal anecdotes about the risks associated with riding in the back of a pick-up truck and highlighting the enhanced safety features offered by BedRyder.

George explains that the BedRyder can be affixed using three bolts, necessitating users to drill holes in their trucks for secure installation. It combines the best characteristics of both SUVs and pickup trucks into a new category referred to as “Truck Utility Vehicles.”

Addressing queries about crash testing, George shares that while accidental testing has occurred during personal experiences, formal crash testing with expert oversight has not yet been conducted.

The BedRyder’s protective design prevented George’s group from suffering injuries during a NASCAR race they attended with Cary and their sons.

The Journey Of George Conway’s BedRyder on Shark Tank

George Conway pitched a pickup truck seating business idea to the Shark Tank. He sought $200,000 for a 15% equity stake in his venture, BedRyder.

George displayed a pickup truck, demonstrating how easy it is to install Bed Ryder seats in any pickup truck, referring to this modification as a “Truck-U-V.” This elicited shark amusement.

Despite his engaging presentation, George revealed that his sales figures were relatively low, with only 800 units sold in the four years leading up to the filming of the show.

The production cost of each set was $300, and it was retailed for $699, including the seats and installation equipment.

During the pitch, concerns were raised by the sharks. Lori Greiner expressed apprehension about the seats’ safety in rollover or crash scenarios, prompting her to opt out first.

Kevin O’Leary, although fond of George personally, did not see potential in the product and decided to pass.

Mark Cuban cited the market’s unpredictability as a deterrent to his investment, leading him to decline as well.

Robert Herjavec doubted the product’s ability to replace SUVs, influencing his decision to exit the deal.

Barbara Corcoran’s departure was motivated by her preference for meeting the inventor in person before committing to an investment. As George was not physically present, she chose not to proceed.

Ultimately, George left the tank without securing a deal, emphasizing the competitive and challenging nature of the entrepreneurial landscape showcased on the show.

BedRyder’s Journey After Shark Tank: Navigating Growth, Safety, and Market Demands

After their appearance on Shark Tank, BedRyder experienced a significant surge in interest and demand. Even though the BedRyder couldn’t secure funding on the show, the sales surged to 200% due to the Shark Tank effect.

They focused on scaling their operations, enhancing product quality, and meeting increased market needs while prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction.

They emphasize the importance of regulatory compliance and safety certifications in their operations to ensure a product that is safe and compliant.

BedRyder's Journey After Shark Tank: Navigating Growth, Safety, and Market Demands

Through strategic market research and expanding its product line, BedRyder successfully adapted to evolving market demands, catering to various pickup truck models and highlighting safety as a key feature.

Their journey exemplifies the significance of innovation, customer-centric approach, regulatory adherence, and adaptability to market requirements for sustained entrepreneurial success in the competitive automotive accessory industry.

BedRyder’s post-Shark Tank voyage showcases how dedication, strategic planning, and a focus on excellence can lead to substantial growth and customer trust in the dynamic business landscape.

However, their journey was short-lived, as they could not sustain themselves in the market for a long time without additional funding. BedRyder is out of business, and its effective net worth is $0.