ArKeg Shark Tank Update | ArKeg Net Worth

The ArKeg, which appeared in Season 4, Episode 12 of Shark Tank, is a fusion of retro gaming and convenient beverage dispensing.

Conceived by childhood friends Brant Myers and Dan Grimm from San Luis Obispo, California, the ArKeg combines a classic video game console with a refrigerated beer keg and tap.

The ArKeg is designed as an all-in-one entertainment system for those who relish nostalgia and enjoy a chilled drink while gaming. The ArKeg has over 60 pre-loaded licensed classic video games such as Asteroids and Mortal Kombat II.

The ArKeg features an onboard PC-based computer system and even offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to load additional games. Its standout feature is a refrigerated beer keg and tap integrated into its design, providing players with ice-cold drinks at arm’s length.

Its combination of classic gaming with beverage dispensing offers a singular solution to leisure time, aiming to bring back fond memories of arcade games while creating a new, enjoyable experience.

Company NameArKeg
FounderBrant Myers and Dan Grimm
BusinessBuilt-in beer keg in an arcade game
Investment Seeking$100,000 for 33% equity in ArKeg
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4, Episode 12
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteArKeg Website
Net Worth$0

What Is ArKeg?

The ArKeg, also known as the Draught Beer Dispenser, is a technology that combines traditional beer dispensing methods with advanced technology. It’s designed to provide a fresh, chilled pint right from the comfort of your home.

The ArKeg has a sleek and modern design that ensures functionality and complements your home bar’s aesthetics. The device is compact and designed in such a way that it can fit in most standard home refrigerators.

The device is equipped with smart features that provide alerts when the beer levels are low or the temperature is not optimal. It also allows users to set their own temperature and pressure settings according to their preferences.

ArKeg Shark Tank Update | ArKeg Net Worth

The ArKeg is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Most parts are dishwasher safe, which makes the cleaning process easier.

The ArKeg promotes sustainability by reducing waste associated with beer bottles and cans. By using a reusable keg, you’re minimizing your environmental impact.

The ArKeg is made out of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. It’s designed to withstand regular use, ensuring it can serve perfectly chilled beer for years.

This advanced draft system essentially brings the pub experience into your home, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beers at their best.

The ArKeg is a sophisticated home draught system that allows you to enjoy fresh, chilled beer whenever possible.

Who Is The Founder Of ArKeg?

The ARKEG was founded by Brant Myers and Dan Grimm, long-time friends who first met in San Luis Obispo, California, during their high school days. Both shared a common passion for gaming and beer, ultimately leading to the inception of their unique product, ARKEG. 

Brant and Dan were more than just friends; they were roommates in college, spending countless hours indulging in their shared hobbies of gaming and beer drinking. During one of these marathon gaming and drinking sessions, Brant Myers conceived the idea of ARKEG, an amalgamation of an arcade machine and a kegerator.

Though conceived in the bleary-eyed hours of a long drinking night, this thought wasn’t lost or disregarded the next morning. 

Their respective skill sets and shared love for tinkering with gadgets set Brant and Dan apart. Brant, the business-minded of the two, and Dan, a whiz kid in computer engineering, had the tools, manufacturing, and electrical knowledge needed to bring this late-night inspiration to life.

Overcoming all odds, their idea eventually materialized into the ARKEG, an arcade machine with a built-in beer keg. 

Before they appeared on Shark Tank in early 2013, Brant and Dan had transformed Brant’s visionary idea into a functional, tangible product. The ARKEG was a functional arcade machine with a tap on the side.

The machine came pre-loaded with a selection of popular classic arcade games and offered a variety of beers and wines.

What started as a casual drinking session idea had now evolved into an exciting product that Brant and Dan were ready to pitch to the Sharks, seeking additional funding to expand their business.

Their journey exemplifies how dedication, skill, and a shared passion can transform even the most offbeat idea into reality.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of ArKeg?

Brant Myers and Dan Grimm, founders of ARKEG, appeared on Shark Tank in early 2013 with high hopes for their unique product. The duo was seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 33% stake in their company, valuing ArKeg at $300,000. 

They started their presentation by reminiscing about their college days and how the ARKEG was a product of their love for gaming and drinking.

Their presentation included a slowly revolving display stand with an arcade machine and a kegerator, then revealed to the Sharks as the ARKEG. 

Despite their passionate presentation, the initial reaction from the Sharks was mixed. Mark Cuban was the first to express his thoughts, showing disbelief with a simple exclamation, “Oh Lord!”.

The ARKEG was pitched as a versatile product that not only poured beer but could also serve wine and even root beer for children.

Despite the gimmick, Lori Greiner found humor in the presentation, giggling at Dan’s suggestion of having an ARKEG in every ‘man cave.’

Despite their casual and laid-back pitch, the mood among the Sharks became more critical as they started asking serious business-related questions.

The duo informed the Sharks that the ARKEG retailed for $4,000, which shocked Lori. When questioned about sales, they revealed they had sold only 20 units thus far. 

Mark Cuban was the first Shark to opt out, finding the combination of gaming and drinking unappealing. Lori was next, seeing the product as more of a novelty than a serious business venture.

Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and finally, Kevin O’Leary followed suit, each having their reasons.

Robert hadn’t been in his arcade room for years, Daymond saw the ARKEG as an outdated concept, and Kevin doubted its acceptance in households despite the product’s appeal to certain demographics.

Unfortunately, the founders of ARKEG left the Shark Tank without securing any deals. Although they put on a passionate pitch and had a unique product, the Sharks unanimously saw little potential in the business venture.

The lack of sales, high retail price, and the product’s niche appeal were reasons the Sharks chose not to invest.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and ArKeg.

What Happened To ArKeg After Shark Tank?

The journey of ARKEG after their appearance on Shark Tank was, unfortunately, a downhill one. Despite the unique blend of an arcade cabinet and a kegerator, founders Dan Grimm and Brant Myers could not persuade any Sharks to invest in their venture. They asked for $100,000 for 35% equity but left the tank without a deal.

Post-Shark Tank, the business struggled to make an impact in the market. Their arcade-kegerator hybrid retailed for $4,000, a price point that likely limited its appeal and potential customer base.

Although they had sold 20 units over 2 years, the slow sales were a clear warning sign that the product was not gaining traction as expected.

By May 2015, the founders were seeking to exit the business and decided to sell the company. Eventually, they sold it off for $11,500, signaling the end of their entrepreneurial journey with ARKEG.

The ARKEG product is still available on the Uncrate website under a new parent company. However, whether the product has been profitable for its new owners or continues to struggle in the market remains unclear.

The lack of available updates suggests that ARKEG’s journey as a product did not drastically improve after the founders’ exit, and its success is uncertain at best.

ArKeg Shark Tank Update

ARKEG, a creative fusion of an arcade game and a beer kegerator, appeared on Shark Tank during Season 4. Brant Myers and Dan Grimm pitched it to combine retro gaming and fresh beer enjoyment in a single unit.

Brant and Dan were seeking $100,000 for 35% equity, but the duo’s presentation failed to secure any deals from the Sharks.

Despite their enthusiasm and a demonstration of the product’s beer-tapping feature, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John all declined to invest. The product was offered for sale at $4,000 on post-show.

ArKeg Shark Tank Update | ArKeg Net Worth

Tragically, ARKEG struggled to find a strong market footing and eventually shut down in 2015. By that time, it was available for purchase at $11,500. The founders’ net worths are unknown, and the fate of ARKEG remains uncertain.

While it’s still accessible for purchase on the Uncrate website, the overall success of the product post-Shark Tank has not been promising.

The ARKEG story is a reminder that even innovative ideas might face challenges and unexpected outcomes in the competitive market.

Is ArKeg Still In Business?

No, ARKEG is no longer in business. The company went out of business in 2015, two years after the Shark Tank episode aired. In May 2015, a post on their Facebook page announced that the company was up for sale for $11,500.

What Is the Net Worth Of ArKeg?

According to our research, the net worth of ArKeg is $0 since the company went out of business in 2015. The valuation of ArKeg was $300,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.