What Happened To Animated Lure After Shark Tank?

Animated Lure is a rechargeable, robotic fishing lure, developed by Kanz Kayfan and Sobhan Sanaee, that they are hoping the Sharks will bite on.

Mr Kayfan created the product concept while a student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, located on its island in the United States.

Kayfan spent a great deal of his free time school fishing, and it was during this time he came up with the concept for the Animated Lure.

Additionally, he would like to develop his counselling practice as he receives his Master of Science in Counseling.

A successful Kickstarter effort in December 2015 raised $22,041 for the project, allowing him to get it off the ground.

It took them about two years to create and ship the product I purchased from them, frustrating. The lures are available in three different sizes: little, classic, and saltwater.

There are different “skins” for each size, each designed to simulate a different type of baitfish. The lures produce realistic swimming motions and sounds that encourage fish to take a baitfish bite.

A tiny lure costs $29.95, but a classic lure costs $32.95 or $34.95, depending on the skin you choose to use.

The cost of a saltwater lure is $79.95 due to the larger battery and the anti-corrosion structure.

The company is now taking pre-orders for saltwater lures, with delivery scheduled by the end of the year.

The segmented body of animated lures simulates the swimming motion to attract fish, using a small propeller to cause the “bait” to swim.

A USB charging cable and an extra propeller are included with each lure. It would be wonderful if the Sharks would invest in their project.

What Is Animated Lure?

Animated Lure is a mechanised, self-propelling fishing lure that has been electronically designed for swimming like a real fish and is used to catch fish.

The Animated Lure is a unique mechanical fishing lure that makes fishing easier than before. It is available in several sizes, including tiny, classic, and saltwater.

Animated Lure Shark Tank Update

It is electrically programmed to move like a real fish, and it is equipped with a small propeller and a variety of skins that may be used to impersonate different types of bait fish.

Company NameAnimated Lure
EntrepreneurSobhan Sanaee and Kanz Kayfan
Product / BusinessA self-swimming electronic fishing lure.
Investment Asking For$325,000 For 10% equity in Animated Lure
Final Deal$325,000 For 10% equity in Animated Lure + Royalty Of $3 Per Unit Until $1 Million Is Repaid
SharkKevin O’Leary
Episode Season 12 Episode 3
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Animated Lure?

Sobhan Sanaee and Kanz Kayfan founded the Animated Lure. 

They collaborated with Maleki Hassam to develop the motorised fish tackle system, which was first used in 2015.

Kayfan grew up fishing with his father, a keen fisherman.

One day, his father made a tearful statement about how he wished the other brothers could join them on their fishing trips, and that was the nudge he needed to get the ball rolling.

His brothers’ disinterest in the sport was due to a long time between catches, which led him to build a device that would allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport in adulthood.

The goal was ultimately to provide families with the opportunity to participate in and enjoy fishing together.

Animated Lure Before Shark Tank

Fishing is a very popular outdoor activity in the United States and many other countries worldwide. And why would it not be the case?

You could “get away from it all” by communing with nature or bonding with your family, especially with your children.

Humans also need to chase and catch to satisfy an evident basic need. There is something to be said for the challenge and the procedure, not the catch, but isn’t it better if you take home fresh fish? You can accomplish this with the Animated Lure.

The Animated Lure is the first to mimic the appearance and movements of a live fish to attract fish.

The lure features realistic fish swim patterns and continually swaying segmented tails.

Additionally, the lure pauses and changes direction at regular intervals. This lure is perhaps most noteworthy for the natural-looking paint hues and unmatched attention to detail.

Electric motors power the lure’s body, which propels a tiny propeller on the nose that draws water into a tunnel and expels it out the side to move the fish in a nonlinear path without the fisherman reeling or using any specific technique.

A rechargeable battery powers the motor. The bundle includes the cable.

You must attach the red (positive) alligator clip to the lure’s metal ring at the top.

Connect a black alligator clip to the lure’s first hook ring on the bottom (negative). Finally, connect the USB cable.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Animated Lure?

Kanz and Sobhan appeared on the Shark Tank with an offer of $325,000 for a 10% stake in Animated Lure. They demonstrate the product in action and then deliver their pitch.

Currently, the company sells direct to consumers, but they’d like assistance gaining access to big-box athletic goods retailers.

They have generated $247,000 in revenue thus far this year (2020) and have no debt.

To launch the device, he successfully crowdfunded it on Kickstarter in December 2015, garnering $22,041 in funds.

They produced and shipped the device in around two years.

Three different sizes of lures are available: tiny, classic, and saltwater. Each size is available in a range of different “skins” that resemble various baitfish.

The lures feature a lifelike swimming motion and sound that entices fish to bite.

A tiny lure is $29.95, while a classic lure is $32.95 or $34.95 per skin. A saltwater lure costs $79.95 because it has a larger battery and corrosion-resistant design.

The segmented body of animated lures mimics the movement of a real fish, and the propeller propels the “bait.”

There is an extra propeller and a USB charger included with each lure.

Kanz and Sobhan offer $325,000 for a 10% stake in their business, valuing their company at $3.25 million.

They next give their pitch after demonstrating the product in action.

Currently, the company sells direct to consumers but is interested in gaining access to large box sporting goods stores.

This year, they had earned a total of $247,000 in sales (2020).

Robert expressed his appreciation to the gentlemen and clarified that this was not a commercial transaction.

Jiggy Puzzles After Shark Tank

Kevin is the only Shark who has proposed. Indeed, the advances two offers. The first is $325,000 for a 10% stake in the business and a $3 royalty on each unit sold until he recoups $1 million. 

The second offer is for $500,000 in exchange for 20%. They accept the initial offer.

Final Deal: $325,000 For 10% equity in Animated Lure+ Royalty Of $3 Per Unit Until $1 Million Is Repaid

What Happened To Animated Lure After Shark Tank?

Kevin proposed to invest $325,000 in Animated Lure in exchange for a 10 percent stock stake and a $3 royalty every sale until he received a $1 return on his investment.

Sobhan and Kanz attempted to bargain with Kevin, but he refused to budge, and they were forced to accept his offer.

Animated Lure Shark Tank Update

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Animated Lure appears to have managed to keep its product in stock on its website and has not sold out of it.

Animated Lure has not yet gotten an official update, but we will update this site once we have received further information on the game.

Animated Lure Shark Tank Update

Kevin’s transaction never came to a completion. Since the show’s premiere in October of 2020, dozens of knockoff products of Animated Lure have flooded the market. 

Track Days Movie Shark Tank Update

As of March 2022, Animated Lure is still in business and operating profitably.

Is Animated Lure Still In Business?

Animated Lure is still in business as of March 2022 despite the Sharks investment and operating profitably.

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