What Happened To Angels and Tomboys After Shark Tank?

Madison, Mallory, and Viara Boyd pitch their Angels and Tomboys sprays and lotions for teenage and tween girls in Shark Tank episode 803.

It was in Memphis, Tennessee, that the sisters began their business in May 2014. Their goal was to find girly fragrances that were not clones of their mother’s expensive perfume.

They presented their idea to Viara, their mother, who runs a dance academy and is an entrepreneur in her own right. Angels and Tomboys is the work of Viara.

She believed that every girl had a little bit of everything. “All girls are created equally different,” says the company slogan.

One of the judges was Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows, a Shark Tank alumni. The sisters gained some media attention last November when they won “The Real Pitch Contest.”

They aim to empower young women through the use of their fragrances. 

The ballerina will love Monkey Fart, the lemonade doughnuts will love Watermelon Funk, and the basketball player will love Deep Fried Ice Cream.

A Shark could help with marketing and production, which is probably what they’re looking for. Is there a Shark out there who’ll pick up on this and invest?

What Is Angels and Tomboys?

Angels & Tomboys is a collection of body creams aimed at tween and adolescent women. 

Fun scents include Deep Fried Ice Cream, Cotton Candied Apples, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Lemonade Doughnuts, as well as Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Watermelon Fun, and Rockin’ Blue Berry for the lotion.

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Update

Angels and Tomboys is a one-of-a-kind product for adolescent girls. Sprays, lotions, and washes are all available from the company.

The company acknowledges the existence of generic girl products by adopting the mantra “all girls are created equally different.” 

As a result, Angels and Tomboys will find it particularly appealing.

Company NameAngels and Tomboys 
FounderMadison Boyd And Mallory Boyd
ProductTeenage and Tween Girls’ Natural Skincare
Investment Seeking$55,000 For 20% equity in Angel and Tomboys
Final Deal$60,000 For 33.3% equity in Angel and Tomboys
SharkDaymond John And Mark Cuban
Episode Episode 27 Season 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Angels and Tomboys?

Mallory and Madison Boyd are the founders of Angels and Tomboys.

Viara Boyd nurtured their idea after they came up with it and saw it through to completion. The business is still run by the two siblings and their mother.

Angels and Tomboys Before Shark Tank

Mallory and Madison Boyd started their own business in 2013 after discovering a love for unique scents.

They believe that inventions don’t belong only to a certain age group. They can affect anyone regardless of their age.

The Boyd sisters were barely out of their twenties when they founded the business. Mallory was ten years old, and Madison was twelve when they first met.

Being females, the sisters were familiar with the wide range of personalities that women possessed. The personality of the younger sister backs up the idea that girls aren’t all the same.

Mallory prefers basketball and field activities, whereas Madison enjoys acting.

The sisters realized that there was no product on the market that tailored specifically to their needs.

They discussed the idea with their mother, who was in favor of it. The mother coined the term ‘Angels and Tomboys.’

Having their mother by their side helped the two make solid legal and business judgments while they were minors.

Breathometer Shark Tank Update

The two tweens and teenagers were in a better position to discern what tweens and teenagers wanted.

Angels and Tomboys soon made $59000 in sales after selling their product.

Remarkably, Angels and Tomboys achieved this level of success even though they primarily sold sprays and lotions and promoted themselves only through social media and referrals.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Angels and Tomboys?

For a 20 percent stake in their company, Mallory, Madison, and Viara participate in the Shark Tank for a share of $55,000,000.

Then they play a video of their theme song, “I Know You Like The Way I Smell,” while they explain their wares.

Before handing out samples, they conduct a short dance and proclaim that all girls are created equally distinct.

The cost of making each bottle was $4. Each bottle costs $12. 

The company does not yet have a full line of cosmetics, but they plan to expand to include a full range of sprays and lotions in the future.

They’ve sold 5000 units thus far for a profit of $59,000 (net of expenses).

The stats appeal to the Sharks, but they are perplexed why the company isn’t more profitable. Lori says that Target carries a comparable product line for young women.

“I think a huge corporation would be making these things by now if there was any market for them,” Viara claimed to be the first to accomplish so.

They assert that the product is being made and packaged in their own home. When Mark asks them if they enjoy what they do, they reply with a resounding yes.

Kevin asks them in a lighthearted way if they would be willing to sacrifice their education to lead the company:

Viara says they’ve talked to a manufacturer and found out the cost can be as low as $1.25 per unit to answer Kevin’s question.

Robert the Shark says he won’t buy it for his kids. Kevin leaves after saying they haven’t demonstrated a market yet.

Paleo Diet Foods Shark Tank Update

The company has done a terrific job, but it’s a highly competitive industry; therefore, Lori is no longer available. 

Daymond claims that he sees himself in the girls and wants to be like them.

When they talk to Mark, they agree to invest $60,000 ($30,000 each) for 33.3% of the business to save money. They agree after some discussion!

A deal was struck with Daymond John and Mark Cuban for $60,000 and 33.3 percent equity in Angel & Tomboys.

Did Angel and Tomboys Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Daymond John and Mark Cuban offered Madison Boyd and Mallory Boyd $60,000 for 33.3% in Angel and Tomboys on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 4.

What Happened To Angels and Tomboys After Shark Tank?

The women held pop-up stores to sell their merchandise after appearing on Shark Tank. They also opened a physical shop in May.

The grand opening was the first time Mark was made aware of this development. In addition to fragrances, the store also sells snack foods based on the fragrances.

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Update

The store is still open as of February of this year. Angel and Tomboy’s social media is barely active. However, you can visit the website and check out their product line.

Zoom Interiors Shark Tank Update

The website and the Memphis location are still operational based on the latest November 2021 update.

Is Angels and Tomboys Still In Business?

Angels and Tomboys continue to operate. They were initially an eCommerce company.

They did, however, open a shop in 2018. The shop is divided into two distinct sections in keeping with the Angels and Tomboys theme.

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