All33 Backstrong Chair Shark Tank Net Worth

The All33 Backstrong Chair is an ergonomic office chair that appeared in Season 12 of Shark Tank. All33 stands out with its design and high-quality materials aimed at providing optimal comfort and support, particularly for individuals who spend extended periods at a desk.

Its bucket-like seat swivels independently from the rest of the frame, which makes it a chair. This feature actively aids posture correction by preventing slouching and promoting upright seating. 

The All33 Backstrong Chair is designed with comfort in mind. This chair incorporates sit-in motion technology, a 360-degree swivel, and a pneumatic height adjustment feature for optimal convenience. 

The All33 Backstrong Chair also enhances convenience with features like smooth-rolling casters and foldaway arms. The latter allows users to move closer to their work desk, reducing body and eye strain.

All33 Backstrong Chair offers a blend of ergonomic features designed to promote good posture and improve comfort, unlike other ergonomic chairs on the market.

It’s priced more affordably than many high-end chairs, making it a worthy investment for health, work performance, and overall well-being.

Company NameAll33 Backstrong Chair
FounderBing Howenstein
ProductAn ergonomic office chair that keeps your vertebrae in motion while you sit
Investment Seeking$500,000 for 2.5% equity in All33 Backstrong Chair
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
EpisodeSeason 12, Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteAll33 Backstrong Chair Website

What Is All33 Backstrong Chair?

The All33 Backstrong C1 chair is a office chair with a distinctive retro vibe and many celebrity endorsements. Its patented technology allows your spine to move freely in all directions, providing better posture and reducing tension in your back muscles.  

In addition to its design, the Backstrong C1 has garnered attention and praise from its celebrity fans, including superstar athletes like LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal and actors like Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg. 

However, it’s not just its stylish appearance that makes it stand out from other office chairs on the market. The Backstrong C1 is designed to support your back like no other chair can. 

The Backstrong C1 is a statement piece that will elevate any office environment with its retro vibe and plenty of star power. The Backstrong C1 is a stylish addition to your workspace or the perfect solution for better back support.

Designed by a chiropractor from Los Angeles and an industrial designer with BMW credits, this chair uses an approach with an independently tilting seat that promotes the natural movement of the pelvis and back when seated. This design is claimed to help users feel energized, flexible, and productive. 

All33 Backstrong Chair Shark Tank Update

The BackStrong C1 has been endorsed by the likes of Elon Musk, Chuck Liddell, and Shaquille O’Neal. The chair is available with fabric-covered upholstery in multiple colors or vegan leather for $999. 

However, when it comes to building quality, the chair falls short, with components that appear to be made cheaply and a mechanism not much different from that of a basic $89 chair. 

This chair has an unusual design but is often criticized for its inconvenient lumbar support and armrests and its excessively wide armrests. The chair is a decent option for those looking for comfort but may not be a great fit for those looking for the best quality.

Who Is The Founder Of All33 Backstrong Chair?

The All33 Backstrong Chair, an innovative ergonomic office chair that promises to improve posture and alleviate back pain, was founded by Bing Howenstein. Howenstein, the brand’s CEO, developed this product alongside inventor Dr. Dennis Colonello and co-founder Jim Grove.

Bing Howenstein holds an illustrious track record in his career. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University, he became president of George Street Pictures. 

Over two decades, he managed several companies, including BackJoy Orthotics, LLC, and Bonfire Enterprises, LLC, which closed in 2016 and 2019. In 2020, Howenstein became a founding partner of Direct Consumer Acquisitions, LLC.

Dr. Dennis Colonello, a globally recognized chiropractor with 35 years of experience, was instrumental in designing the All33 Chair. He has dedicated his professional life to solving back pain issues and developed the All33 Chair as a solution.

Jim Grove, the co-founder of All33, founded Designworks USA, which offers design, engineering, modeling, and analysis to many businesses, including BMW. His company, LA Product Design, also contributed to the chair’s design.

Before the All33 Backstrong Chair appeared on Shark Tank in Season 12, the company had initiated its funding efforts through Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns. They managed to raise $1,307,184 towards the end of 2017 and the start of 2018. 

The chair gained popularity and was used by several well-known figures, including Justin Bieber, John Cleese, Chuck Liddell, Chelsea Handler, Tom Hanks, and Cindy Crawford.

Despite failing to secure a deal on Shark Tank due to high valuation concerns, the company continued its business operations, winning the approval of many users for its approach to solving the common problem of back pain, thus paving the way for its place in the market.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of All33 Backstrong Chair?

The All33 Backstrong Chair appeared on Shark Tank in Season 12, Episode 9, aired in 2021. The founders, Bing Howenstein and his team, presented their product – an office chair that blends the characteristics of a traditional office chair and an exercise ball. 

Their primary aim was to promote back health by keeping all 33 vertebrae in motion while a person sits on it. Howenstein requested an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 2.5% equity in the company, a valuation of $20 million.

He highlighted the company’s strong financial performance – $3.2 million in year-to-date sales at the time of the pitch, with an expected year-end revenue of $5.5 million and projections to turn a profit. 

Given the rise in remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Howenstein felt that their product had significant relevance and potential for growth.

However, despite being intrigued by the approach of the All33 Chair to tackling the common issue of back pain, the Sharks were not entirely convinced. 

The main sticking point was the company’s valuation. The Sharks felt that $20 million was excessively high, even considering the product’s innovative nature and the company’s strong sales performance.

Despite the impressive sales and the potential market opportunity given the shift towards remote work, the Sharks ultimately decided not to invest. Therefore, All33 Backstrong Chair left the Shark Tank without securing a deal.

Following their appearance on the show, the company continued its operations without major changes. The chairs are still being sold directly through their website for $799. It seems they haven’t yet expanded into other retail outlets or online marketplaces like Amazon.

What Happened To All33 Backstrong Chair After Shark Tank?

After All33 Backstrong Chair’s appearance on Shark Tank, the company maintained its operations and market presence even without securing an investment from the Sharks.

The exposure gained from being on the show likely boosted their visibility, contributing to continued sales and business growth. All33 Backstrong Chair is selling its ergonomic chairs primarily through its website, maintaining the price tag of $799. 

It appears they have not yet branched out to other retail outlets or online marketplaces such as Amazon, sticking to their direct-to-consumer sales model.

Despite not receiving a deal on Shark Tank, the company has experienced substantial success, with thousands of satisfied customers. 

Its chair has been praised and used by numerous high-profile figures, such as pop singer Justin Bieber, actor Ted Danson, business magnate Elon Musk, and former professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

Although the Sharks felt that the $20 million valuation was too high then, the company has continued to prosper and maintain its high valuation.

They reported $3.2 million in sales during the Shark Tank pitch and projected to reach $5 million by the end of that year. 

According to one report, by mid-2021, the company had made $4 million in annual revenue, suggesting continued strong sales and market interest.

Moreover, the importance of office ergonomics and overall well-being, particularly when remote work and prolonged sitting have become more prevalent, has kept the demand for their product strong.

The All33 Backstrong Chair continues to thrive as a business, leveraging the ongoing need for ergonomic solutions in office settings and home workplaces.

The innovative product design and the general shift towards health-conscious office furniture continue to drive the company’s growth and success.

All33 Backstrong Chair Shark Tank Update

While there isn’t a major update regarding All33 Chairs since its appearance on the show, it’s worth noting that the product’s presence on Shark Tank likely boosted sales due to the show’s wide audience reach and influence.

The All33 BackStrong Chair, also known as the BackStrong C1 Chair, was designed by Dr. Dennis Colonello, a renowned chiropractor, in collaboration with industrial designer Jim Grove. 

The chair features a independently-tilting seat that promotes the natural movement of the pelvis and back, aiming to alleviate back pain and improve posture.

It uses sit-in-motion technology to allow the seat to move in response to the person sitting, mimicking their movements.

The All33 BackStrong Chair received endorsements from celebrities, athletes, and doctors, which helped generate interest in the product. The chair’s design aims to provide optimal comfort and support and promote better posture while sitting for extended periods.

In terms of pricing, the All33 BackStrong Chair is positioned at the higher end of the market. Its original manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) was $1299, but it is currently listed at a reduced price of $799 on the All33 website. The chair’s price reflects its premium features and design aimed at providing enhanced ergonomic support.

All33 Backstrong Chair Shark Tank Update

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, the All33 BackStrong Chair, also known as the BackStrong C1 Chair, continued to be sold through the company’s website. While it did not secure a deal on the show, it garnered attention and experienced significant sales. 

The chair’s design, which incorporates sit-in-motion technology and aims to improve posture and alleviate back pain, has gained recognition from celebrities, athletes, and doctors.

Despite being priced at the higher end, the chair offers features for individuals seeking ergonomic support and comfort in their office chairs.

Our research shows that All33 Backstrong Chair is still in business. All33 Backstrong Chair is still a relatively new company but has shown great promise.

The company has a strong team of founders, a product, and a growing customer base. It will be interesting to see how the company continues to grow.

What Is the Net Worth Of All33 Backstrong Chair?

The valuation of All33 Backstrong Chair was $20 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of All33 Backstrong Chair is estimated to be $50 million.