2400 Expert Aka Prep Expert Shark Tank Net Worth

2400 Expert is a test preparation company featured on Season 7 of Shark Tank. Founded by Shaan Patel, the enterprise has since rebranded to Prep Expert. Their core offering is a comprehensive SAT and ACT preparation course, promising substantial improvement in scores.

The unique selling proposition of 2400 Expert, now Prep Expert, lies in its strategic approach toward SAT and ACT preparation. The curriculum is designed based on Shaan Patel’s experiences, who scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT exam.

2400 Expert course includes about 100 strategies Shaan used to achieve his perfect score, making it a particularly effective preparation tool for these standardized tests. 

The 2400 Expert provides 60 hours of instruction over six weeks, making it a unique program. This makes it the longest test prep course available, ensuring students receive thorough preparation.

The course also provides 40 hours of online instruction, detailed course books, weekly practice exams, and a free repeat policy, which can significantly improve the students’ readiness and confidence.

Moreover, Prep Expert guarantees a 200-point improvement in the SAT score and a 4-point increase in the ACT score. If the student does not achieve these improvements, they are eligible for a full course fee refund. This shows the company has confidence in its methodologies and the effectiveness of its courses.

Prep Expert’s innovative and comprehensive approach to SAT and ACT preparation makes it a good choice for students aiming for high scores. Prep Expert prepares students holistically for these important tests by focusing on the core content and test-taking strategies.

Prep Expert’s program length and commitment to improvement further enhance its value, making it a solid investment toward academic success and college admissions.

Company NamePrep Expert (Formerly known as 2400 Expert)
EntrepreneurShaan Patel
ProductCourses for the ACT and SAT preparation online
Investment Asking For$250,000 For 10% equity in 2400 Expert
Final Deal$250,000 For 20% equity in 2400 Expert
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 7, Episode 15
Business StatusIn Business
WebsitePrep Expert Website
Net Worth$5 Million

What Is 2400 Expert?

2400 Expert, now known as Prep Expert, is an educational company that offers courses designed to help students prepare for standardized tests, mainly the SAT and ACT. It was founded by Shaan Patel, who scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT and wanted to share his strategies with other students.

2400 Expert Aka Prep Expert Shark Tank Update | 2400 Expert Net Worth

Here are some key points about 2400 Expert, aka Prep Expert:

  • Courses: Prep Expert offers a variety of courses, including 6-week flagships, weekend reviews, and advanced courses. They tailor their instruction to each student’s needs to help them achieve high test scores. The courses can be either in-person or online.
  • Instructors: The instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They are required to have scored in the top 1% on the test they are teaching.
  • Curriculum: Prep Expert uses a strategic approach in their curriculum, focusing on strategies and techniques to help students answer questions more effectively and efficiently. Their curriculum is based on Shaan Patel’s methods, which led him to score a perfect 2400 on the SAT.
  • Guarantees: The company offers score improvement guarantees. If your score doesn’t improve by a certain amount after taking their course, you may be eligible for a refund or a free retake.
  • Other Services: Besides SAT and ACT prep, Prep Expert provides college admission consulting and private tutoring services.

Books and Resources: The founder, Shaan Patel, has written several prep books used as resources in the courses. These books outline the strategies used in the courses and provide additional practice problems.

In summary, 2400 Expert (now Prep Expert) is a comprehensive test preparation service that aims to help students achieve high scores on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT through strategic learning methods.

Who Is The Founder Of 2400 Expert?

2400 Expert, now known as Prep Expert, was founded by Shaan Patel. Patel is a notable figure in education, not only as an entrepreneur but also for his academic accomplishments. He scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT, which only 0.02% of all test takers achieved. 

Patel was raised in his parents’ budget motel in Las Vegas, where he attended urban public schools. Although his first SAT score was average, he didn’t let it deter him from striving for the top.

He achieved a perfect score on his next attempt using self-devised strategies and rigorous preparation. 

His journey of scoring a perfect 2400 sparked the idea of creating 2400 Expert. Patel realized that his strategies and techniques to improve his score could be replicated to help other students achieve their SAT goals.

He started by teaching a prep class at his local library, which eventually grew to 2400 Expert, a nationwide SAT and ACT prep company with a unique curriculum designed to boost student scores significantly.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, 2400 Expert was already gaining recognition for its success in helping students achieve score improvements. It had begun to expand, offering in-person classes in various locations around the United States and online classes accessible to students globally.

The appearance on Shark Tank helped Patel and his company gain national exposure and the opportunity to secure investment further to expand the program’s reach and impact.

After a successful pitch, Mark Cuban invested $250,000 for a 20% stake in the company, which has since rebranded to Prep Expert and continued to thrive in the test prep industry.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of 2400 Expert?

Shaan Patel walked onto the Shark Tank stage in Season 7, confidently representing his SAT and ACT prep company, 2400 Expert. He began his pitch by sharing his personal story of achieving a perfect SAT score, followed by the launch of his company.

He also pointed out how his unique strategies were successfully helping students significantly increase their scores.

Patel sought an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in 2400 Expert, valuing the company at $2.5 million. He impressed the Sharks with his revenues, stating that the company had made $1.3 million in the past year.

Moreover, he highlighted that the business had a profitable margin due to the low overhead costs of online and in-person classes.

The Sharks were intrigued but also skeptical. They questioned the scalability of the business, particularly because much of its success was reliant on Patel’s personal story and achievement.

Kevin O’Leary was concerned about the limited market, as he felt only a small percentage of parents would be willing to pay a high amount for SAT prep. 

However, Mark Cuban saw potential in the business. He admired Patel’s passion and dedication and was convinced of the product’s value to students. Yet, he expressed concerns about the company’s reliance on Patel’s brand.

Cuban proposed a deal of $250,000 for a 20% stake in the company, double the equity Patel initially offered, stating that the investment would be contingent on the business becoming less reliant on Patel’s personal story.

Patel considered Cuban’s offer and agreed to the deal, securing a partnership with one of the most influential Sharks. This appearance on Shark Tank boosted the company’s visibility nationally, paving the way for future growth and expansion.

After Shark Tank, 2400 Expert rebranded to Prep Expert and has continued providing high-quality SAT and ACT prep to students nationwide.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to pay him $250,000 for 20% of 2400 Expert.

What Happened To 2400 Expert After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, 2400 Expert, founded by Shaan Patel, underwent significant changes and rebranded as Prep Expert. The company sought $250,000 for a 10% equity stake in the show, valuing the business at $2.5 million.

Mark Cuban offered $250,000 for a 20% equity stake, effectively halving the initial valuation to $1.25 million, which Patel accepted. This partnership with Mark Cuban proved smart as Prep Expert experienced substantial growth and success.

Prep Expert specialized in providing online SAT and ACT preparation courses, guaranteeing score improvements for students. The company’s revenue quadrupled after its appearance on Shark Tank, surpassing $4 million, leading to a net worth exceeding $5 million.

During this growth phase, Prep Expert aided over 100,000 students in reaching elite universities and securing scholarships.

The company expanded its offerings to include in-person and online courses, private tutoring, and self-paced study materials, all designed to guide students toward achieving their best scores.

Focusing on quality teaching and Patel’s personal success story was crucial in establishing the company’s reputation and continued growth.

Prep Expert’s commitment to providing effective test preparation courses has been demonstrated by its track record of success stories from students who have seen significant score improvements.

With its emphasis on online instruction for cost-effectiveness, Prep Expert has been able to scale its operations and reach a larger audience.

Additionally, the partnership with Mark Cuban resulted in a book for young entrepreneurs, showcasing the impact of the investment beyond just financial support. This collaboration has also led to a successful and financially stable business, generating $5 million in annual revenue.

In summary, 2400 Expert’s appearance on Shark Tank marked a turning point for the company, leading to its rebranding as Prep Expert and subsequent growth and success in online SAT and ACT preparation.

The partnership with Mark Cuban and the focus on quality teaching have contributed significantly to Prep Expert’s position as a leading provider of test preparation courses, helping students improve their standardized test scores and achieve their academic goals.

2400 Expert Shark Tank Update

The appearance of 2400 Expert, now known as Prep Expert, on Shark Tank boosted the company’s national visibility and opened up new avenues for growth. The partnership with Mark Cuban provided valuable resources and mentorship that has helped the company scale significantly. 

Post-Shark Tank, Patel implemented Mark Cuban’s advice and worked on making the business less reliant on his personal story, expanding the focus on the proven effectiveness of the company’s test preparation strategies and courses.

The company rebranded and changed its name to Prep Expert, reflecting its wider range of services beyond SAT prep, including ACT prep and academic tutoring.

Prep Expert has continued to expand its reach, offering more in-person locations and online classes that students worldwide can access. The business has also expanded its product offerings, including various course formats and additional resources like books and self-study aids.

The company’s financial success has been notable as well. The company was reported to generate millions in revenue yearly, demonstrating the significant growth achieved since its appearance on Shark Tank. 

Furthermore, the success stories of students who have used Prep Expert’s services continue to validate the effectiveness of the company’s test prep strategies.

Many students have reported substantial improvements in their SAT and ACT scores after taking Prep Expert courses, further solidifying the company’s reputation as a leading provider in the test preparation industry.

Overall, Shark Tank’s appearance and partnership with Mark Cuban have had a significant positive impact on the trajectory of Prep Expert, enhancing its growth and reputation within the test prep industry.

Is 2400 Expert Still In Business?

Our research shows that 2400 Expert is still in business. The company rebranded as Prep Expert after its appearance on Shark Tank and has continued to thrive in the test preparation industry.

Founded by Dr. Shaan Patel, Prep Expert offers SAT and ACT preparation services through in-person and online courses, private tutoring, and study materials. They focus on helping students achieve high scores, employing unique teaching strategies that have led to a high average score improvement for their students.

2400 Expert aka Prep Expert Shark Tank Update | 2400 Expert Net Worth

Since its appearance on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Mark Cuban, Prep Expert has experienced remarkable growth. With revenue surpassing $5 million and a team of 50, the company excels in the test prep market.

The partnership with Mark Cuban and the exposure from Shark Tank have been significant factors in the company’s success and expansion.

Prep Expert remains committed to transforming students’ lives by improving their test scores and has become a leading test prep provider, helping students globally.

The company’s instructors are top scorers, and positive testimonials from students and renowned figures further attest to the effectiveness of their courses.

In conclusion, Prep Expert, formerly known as 2400 Expert, is still in business and offers high-quality SAT and ACT prep courses, aiming to help students achieve their academic goals and improve their standardized test scores.

What Is the Net Worth of 2400 Expert?

According to our research, the net worth of 2400 Expert, aka Prep Expert, is estimated at $5 million. The valuation of 2400 Expert was $1.25 million after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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