180 Cup | What Happened To 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

Red disposable plastic cups are well known to everyone. There are almost 2 billion of them in use every year. But, parties, tailgates, and BBQs are only some of the places they turn up. 

The disposable plastic cup is familiar to everyone and is enjoyed by all. So what could make it more efficient for something used billions of times a year?

180 cup is an innovative disposable cup that flips the standard disposable cup on its head. The top of the cup measures 18 ounces, while the bottom is 1.5 ounces. 

180 cup is a real party cup. One cup accommodates all forms of drink. You don’t need to use more than one mug for shots and beers. The cup should be the same for both.

It is sufficient to use the 180 cup. The products are incredibly durable. The 180 cup is more durable than other throwaway cups, which fracture and break easily. You can squeeze it, hit it, crush it, and it will always hold liquid.

You can use the 180 cup for more than just drinking. It is also a great condiment holder. 

The shot container becomes a perfect reservoir for anything from ketchup to BBQ sauce by turning the shot container upside down. A 180 cup will be a great option even for alcohol-free gatherings.

You’d think about all of this, and the 180 Cup would be more expensive than the red party cups you’re used to buying. 

Your gatherings will be more enjoyable because of the adaptability and durability of these cups.

What is the 180 Cup?

Were you ever forced to wait long at a college party because there weren’t enough Beer Cups or Shot Glasses?

It was Solomon who came up with a creative solution to this problem. Solomon Fallas is also an entrepreneur and inventor of 180 Cup. 

The 180 Cup looks like a disposable Solo cup you’ve probably seen at a few parties, but it doubles as a straw and a cup. 

There is a Two in One function within this cup, but you can only pour one hard drink or beer cup at a time. 

It’s Solomon’s goal that 180 Cup, which he calls “The New Red Cup,” becomes the go-to beer of frat parties and keg parties around the country. 

The introduction of the 180 Cup (2 in 1) was a fundamental shift from the traditional glasses.

Who is the Founder of 180 Cup?

Solomon Fallas enjoyed his beverages but had to wait during his college keg parties, so he created 180 Cup, where you can enjoy more than a few shots.

180 Cup is a one-of-a-kind cup that flips the traditional “red keg cup” upside down. It appears to be a red disposable cup until you turn it upside down, revealing a “shot glass” sculpted into the underside of the 180 Cup.

It took Solomon a great deal of effort to engineer his 180 Cup product in such a way that it would not interfere with beer pong and flip cup shots.

Solomon Fallas is now seeking the help of Sharks Investment to expand his distribution with a marketing push and build his firm.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of 180 Cup?

As Solomon explains, the red cup has an innovative twist that allows you to “shoot, flip, and drink it.”

Soloman offers $300,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the company to the sharks. “Who wants to take a shot with me?” he asks after showing the 180 Cup and explaining the narrative. 

More than five million units were sold in the last six months, bringing in $385K in revenue. You can buy the cup at over 500 locations. 

Student-workers work for Falls at retail locations near colleges. He recruits college students on Craigslist and social media and pays them on commission.

180 Cup

Solomon distributes the cups and reveals they cost the same as the ordinary red cups. Daymond makes an initial offer of $300,000 for 20%, expecting an instant response. 

Licenses to colleges, breweries, and sports teams are possible revenue streams for him. Daymond threatens to withdraw the offer when Falls pauses. Mr. Wonderful wants to learn more.

Solomon waffles, which is why Mark Cuban thinks he’s insane. Lori follows Daymond out of the door. Solomon only holds a 1% share of the campus network market, but Cuban likes the idea. Lori decides it’s not for her and leaves. 

Although Mark enjoys marketing, the product is too niche for him to be of use. JP DeJoria left the team because he did not feel the passion. 

Kevin also goes out. Daymond chastises him for turning down his offer. Daymond wants Solomon to respond, and Solomon tries to convince him to reconsider. 

Solomon offers $300,000 for a 23 percent stake; Daymond responds with 30 percent, settling on 25 percent.

It was immediately explained that it is used at barbecues, tailgating, sporting events, birthday parties, and sporting events.

Solomon Fallas, the designer of 180 Cup, appeared on Shark Tank in November 2013. Solomon  requested $300,000 in exchange for 15% equity.

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What Happened To 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

Solomon has been proactive in selling over 5 million cups for a total sales figure of $385K.

Solon distributes the 180 Cup and finds that the price is the same as the red cup, which was a good point for sharks to consider. Daymond immediately offers $300,000 for 20% and requests confirmation.

A few sharks debate but opt out in the end. His offer has remained unanswered since Daymond chastised him.

Solomon counters with $300,000 for 23%, Daymond counters again with 30%, and finally, 25% is settled.

New York entrepreneur Solomon Fallas closed a $300,000 deal with Daymond John for 25% of 180 Cup.

180 Cup Business Model

Fallas created a valuable product (it costs the same as a red cup) and expanded his product’s reach by making it available in prominent retail locations.

If you’re thinking of hosting a party, your 180 cups are ready; they will replace your old glass, transforming a dull gathering into a gleaming one.

How Does 180 Cup Make Money?

Walmart now offers 180 Cup. Additionally, 180 Cups is the thing to have when college students are ready to party. 

180 Cup

Thanks to Shark Tank, the business is thriving, as these sophisticated partygoers no longer have to rely on dusty shot glasses.

After the Shark Tank episodes, 180 Cup sales have surged to $4.9 million, and the product has been distributed in five countries worldwide.

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Who are the Investors in 180 Cup?

Daymond John is an investor in 180 Cup with a net worth of $50 million. Also, FUBU – For us, by us – is another investor in 180 Cup and the founder and CEO of the company. He is estimated to have a net worth of $300 million. Additionally, he is a well-known businessman. No longer a part of Shark Tank.

Interesting Aspect of 180 Cup

  • Capacity: 16 oz. Cup, 1.5 oz. Shot glass.
  • Easy-to-grip, disposable, and stackable.
  • Perfect for sporting events, parties, BBQs, and picnics.
  • You will drink it, turn it over, and shoot it with 180 Cup.
  • Pack of 48 180 CUPs that includes a shot glass at the bottom

Is 180 Cup Profitable?

180 Cup was quite successful, reaching sales of $4.9 million, but the company wanted to make it dishwasher safe, which was not done.

Solomon and Daymond couldn’t agree on any business ideas or decisions. The company turned down Daymond’s proposal to partner with Lil John, which could have pushed them to $15-$20  million overnight. Solomon declined the offer; a percentage would have been excellent, but not everything at once.

The site Lexhead.com used to be used for online sales, but it isn’t available anymore. Solomon and Daymond split up due to disagreements. Walmart and Amazon, among others, still carry the product.

Although the sale fell through, Daymond is delighted and delighted to see Solomon flourish in his 180 Cup business.

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