180 Cup Shark Tank Net worth

180 Cup is an innovative and interesting disposable party cup featured in Season 7 of Shark Tank in 2013. Entrepreneur Soloman Fallas invented it by combining a drinking cup and a shot glass. 

180 Cup is a versatile, patented party cup that has revolutionized how people enjoy their drinks. Designed by two entrepreneurs tired of constantly switching between red solo cups and shot glasses, the 180 Cup provides a convenient way to measure both large and small servings of your favorite beverage. 

180 Cup is made from recyclable plastic and features a dual-shot chamber that holds a 1.5 oz. Shot on one side and a 2.5 oz. Cup on the other. 

The 180 Cup is perfect for tailgating, parties, and other social events where measuring out drinks is essential. Its unique design and quality construction have made it a favorite among party-goers worldwide.

The main purpose of the 180 Cup was to provide a more convenient and efficient party cup for events or gatherings. The 180 Cup is designed so that the top portion resembles a traditional red Solo cup, commonly used for party beverages. 

The bottom part of the cup has an inverted, smaller section, which serves as a shot glass when the cup is flipped upside down (hence the name “180 Cup”). 

This design allows users to have a regular drinking cup and a shot glass in one product, reducing the need for additional cups or glasses at parties or gatherings.

Company Name180 Cup
FounderSolomon Fallas
ProductA plastic cup that can be used as both a cup and a shot glass
Investment Seeking$300,000 For a 15% stake in 180 Cup
Final Deal$300,000 For a 25% stake in 180 Cup
SharkDaymond John
180 Cup Episode Episode 5, Season 7
180 Cup Business StatusOut Of Business
180 Cup Website180 Cup Website

What is the 180 Cup?

180 Cup is a multifunctional drinking vessel that has overtaken the social and casual drinkware industry. Designed with utility and style, the 180 Cup offers a seamless fusion of a conventional red plastic party cup and a shot glass, providing an ultimate all-in-one solution for all your drinking needs. 

The brainchild of entrepreneur Soloman Fallas, who unveiled the product on the hit television show Shark Tank, the 180 Cup, was developed to revolutionize the drinking experience by eliminating the need for additional drinkware and promoting responsible consumption of alcohol. 

The unique design of the 180 Cup boasts a standard 18-ounce red party cup on one side, while the other end reveals a 1.5-ounce shot glass for smaller, stronger beverages. This clever combination saves space and reduces waste, as users no longer need separate cups for different types of drinks.

180 Cup Shark Tank Net worth

Furthermore, the 180 Cup is crafted from high-quality, reusable, and recyclable material, ensuring its durability and environmental friendliness. This versatile and convenient cup is ideal for various occasions, including parties, tailgating events, picnics, and barbecues. 

Since its inception, the 180 Cup has received widespread acclaim for its simple yet ingenious design and garnered a dedicated fan base and positive customer reviews. 

The 180 Cup has also attracted the attention of major retail stores, including Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond, significantly increasing the product’s visibility and demand. 

180 Cup embodies the perfect blend of practicality, sustainability, and style, offering a fresh perspective to conventional drinkware and a more enjoyable, hassle-free drinking experience.

Who is the Founder of 180 Cup?

The founder of 180 Cup is Solomon Falls, who got the idea for the product from a bunch of college kids who were his classmates.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the 180 Cup was a popular party product that gained a following among college students and young adults. 

The cup was created by a group of college students in California in 2012 as a convenient way to play drinking games without needing separate measuring cups or shot glasses. 

The cup has measurement lines marked on it, allowing users to easily pour the right amount of alcohol for their desired drink or game.

The 180 Cup gained popularity on social media and through word-of-mouth and was eventually sold in retail stores and online. The company also expanded its product line to include accessories such as lids, straws, and carrying cases. 

The success of the product and its unique design caught the attention of Shark Tank producers, leading the entrepreneurs appearing on the show to pitch their products and seek investment from the Sharks.

180 Cup was not so popular before Solomon’s appearance on Shark Tank. The product struggled to gain any fame and barely had any profitable sales.

Solomon’s aim behind creating the 180 Cup was to replace the red cup at house parties and barbeque nights. Solomon created a world-class innovative product but struggled to get the 180 cups to stores. 

The methods used by Solomon to promote 180 Cup were traditional and barely gave any traction to the product.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of 180 Cup?

Solomon Fallas, the inventor of the 180 Cup, appeared on Season 5 of the television show Shark Tank in 2013. Solomon was seeking an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in 180 Cup, valuing the company at $2 million.

During his pitch, he explained the concept of the 180 Cup as a combination of a drinking cup and a shot glass, emphasizing its potential in the party and event market.

Next, Solomon provides the sample of 180 Cup to the sharks and informs them that the cost of 180 Cup is similar to the standard red cup used at parties.  After hearing Solomon for a while, Daymond John offers him $300K for a 20% stake in 180 Cup and expects a response immediately.

Solomon says he licenses 180 Cup to colleges, sports teams, and beverage companies and uses other promotion methods to increase sales. After this, Solomon hesitates to accept Daymond John’s offer.

Daymond John threatens Falls to take back his offer if Solomon doesn’t respond directly, while Mr. Wonderful seems interested in 180 Cup and seeks more product details.

Mark Cuban thinks Solomon is crazy as he does not respond to Daymond John’s offer. Hence he is out of the conversation. Following Daymond, even Lori exits. 

Mark Cuban is interested in the 180 Cup as he finds the college network idea a great way to promote the product. However, Solomon has just penetrated 1% of the market. Hence Lori exits as well.

Though Mark Cuban was interested in the 180 Cup, he believed that the product was too niche-focused and exited. Following Mark, JP DeJoria also leaves as he believes that the 180 Cup is not something he is interested in.

Daymond John teases Solomon for not accepting his offer after everyone leaves. Hence, Solomon Falls requests Daymond John to reconsider his offerings into the 180 Cup. 

However, Daymond finds the situation to renegotiate the deal and offers Solomon $300K for a 30% stake in 180 Cup. Solomon says he will give a 23% stake in 180 Cup for $300,000.

Finally, Daymond John and Solomon Falls settled on $300K for a 25% stake in 180 Cup.

Final Deal: $300,000 for a 25% stake in 180 Cup offer from Daymond John. 

What Happened To 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

After Solomon Fallas secured a deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank, the 180 Cup gained significant exposure, which helped boost sales and grow the brand. The company capitalized on the publicity from the show, so various retailers, including Walmart and Party City, picked up the product.

180 Cup continued to expand its product line with various sizes, colors, and designs. They also introduced a disposable version of the cup, which was more cost-effective for customers and made the product more accessible to a wider audience.

In addition to expanding its retail presence, the company also focused on marketing the 180 Cup to colleges, sporting events, and music festivals, further promoting its use as a party staple.

While the 180 Cup gained traction and experienced growth after Shark Tank, how the company has fared in recent years is still being determined. Some businesses like these may face challenges in a competitive market and need help to maintain momentum in the long term. 

However, the 180 Cup is an example of how innovative products can carve out a niche in the market and benefit from the exposure gained through platforms like Shark Tank.

180 Cup Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, 180 Cup experienced a surge in sales and received a lot of publicity. The show’s exposure helped the company expand its distribution and revenue. However, the deal with the Sharks ultimately fell through as the terms needed to be more agreeable to both parties. 

After appearing on Shark Tank, Solomon has aggressively sold over 5 million containers, generating $385k in revenue. Solomon distributes the 180Cups and reveals that they are priced similarly to the standard red cup, which was a positive indicator for the sharks. Daymond proposes $300,000 for 20% and requests confirmation immediately.

Other predators opt out of the conversation. Daymond reprimands him for not accepting his offer. Solomon counters with $300,000 for 23%, Daymond once more counters with 30%, and they settle on 25%. 

Solomon Fallas, an entrepreneur from New York, closed the transaction with Daymond John for $300,000 in exchange for a 25 percent stake in his business, 180 Cup.

Despite this, the company continued to grow and develop new products, such as the 180 Shot, a disposable shot glass. Today, 180 Cup shut down its operation in 2016 and went out of business.

However, you can still purchase 180 Cup and similar items from Amazon as some other seller continues to sell their popular reusable cups and other products online and in select retail locations.

Who Is The Investor in 180 Cup?

Daymond John, an investor on Shark Tank with a net worth of $50 million, invested $300,000 for a 25% stake in Shark Tank.

Another investor of 180 Cup is FUBU – For Us, By Us, which has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

180 Cup Shark Tank Net worth

Interesting Aspect of 180 Cup

  • Capacity: 16 oz. Cup, 1.5 oz. Shot glass.
  • Easy-to-grip, disposable, and stackable.
  • Perfect for sporting events, parties, BBQs, and picnics.
  • You will drink it, turn it over, and shoot it with 180 Cup.
  • Pack of 48 180 CUPs that includes a shot glass at the bottom

Is 180 Cup Still In Business?

180 Cup gained a lot of traction and generated sales worth $5 million post its appearance on Shark Tank. Solomon couldn’t agree on the terms of Daymond John’s post-Shark Tank Show.

180 Cup turned down the offer of Daymond John and his business ideas for the expansion of 180 Cup. 180 Cup used to be available for online sales on Lexhead.com; it is not available there.

Solomon and Daymond decided to split up due to multiple disagreements regarding the operation and expansion of the 180 Cup. However, you can still purchase 180 Cup from Amazon, Walmart, and other physical and online stores. 

The sales of 180 Cup have fallen through as multiple competitors are available in the market, and Solomon couldn’t market the product properly.

What Is the Net Worth Of 180 Cup?

The valuation of 180 Cup was $2 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of 180 Cup is $0 since the company went out of business.